Vuforia Expert Capture:
Scale Expert Knowledge to Your Frontline Workers

Capture the domain expertise from your most seasoned experts to effectively train
and upskill your workforce with augmented reality-based procedures and instructions.

Your most valuable asset? Your employees

Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest and easiest way to document and share your expert employees’ years of knowledge with your broader workforce. With Vuforia Expert Capture, your tenured experts can capture step-by-step procedures and best practices as they work and then transform those insights into reusable process documents, job aids, and training materials.

Improve set up and changeover, streamline equipment assembly and maintenance, and modernize employee training with Expert Capture’s digital, augmented reality-based work instructions.

Unlock the Value of AR-based Procedural Guidance

Vuforia Expert Capture enables you to digitize and optimize your critical workflows. With AR-enhanced procedures, your frontline workers can become more efficient and effective at even the most complex tasks.

Accelerated Content Creation
Fast and Easy Authoring
Optimized Procedure Execution
Improved Traceability
Integrated Reporting and Analytics

Accelerated Content Creation

Expert Capture simplifies the documentation process using eyewear and headset devices. Your experts can effortlessly capture step-by-step procedures while they are carrying out their work, using voice commands and motions to keep their hands free and their eyes on the job.

Fast and Easy Authoring

Using the Vuforia Capture app and the Vuforia Editor module, subject matter experts can easily create step-by-step, contextual instructions that can be published across a variety of device formats – mobile phones, tablets, digital eyewear, web, and even Word documents.

Optimized Procedure Execution

The Vuforia Vantage app helps employees find and execute procedures efficiently by enabling them to quickly navigate through their library and favorite frequently used procedures.

Improved Traceability

With the Vuforia Vantage app, you can ensure users complete each step accurately by asking them to verify step completion before allowing them to move forward.

Integrated Reporting and Analytics

Expert Capture’s Insights module enables key stakeholders to stay in sync with usage activity from the shop floor or the field, ensuring traceability for audit and compliance purposes and driving continuous improvement.

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Better together: Vuforia Expert Capture and Vuforia Instruct

As part of Vuforia’s work instruction solutions, Vuforia Expert Capture is a companion offering to Vuforia Instruct. These offerings can work seamlessly together - addressing a wider range of enterprise use cases. Whether you’re capturing tacit domain knowledge or leveraging existing 3D CAD data to build instructions, Vuforia makes authoring, publishing, and scaling instructions to your workforce fast and easy.

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