ThingWorx Service Apps

Designed specifically for field service, ThingWorx Service Apps accelerate IIoT value through focused service capabilities.
A field service technician equipped with the ability to access real-time data in the field is more efficient and effective.

ThingWorx Asset Advisor for Service

Asset Advisor for Service Accelerates time to value with real-time monitoring of connected assets and unprecedented capabilities that enable service organizations to more proactively see, understand, and act.

  • Role-Based Insight
    Gain visibility into asset and facility performance trends to guide service strategies
  • Automated Alerts and Response
    Create rules to generate condition-based alerts and enable remote service actions to speed response times
  • Anomaly Detection
    Detect potential asset failures and irregular conditions early to minimize unscheduled downtime
  • Remote Service and Diagnostics
    Proactively identify, diagnose, and resolve service issues to reduce time and cost of on-site visits
Software Content Management can help ensure product uptime with secure digital service delivery and centralized service administration.

ThingWorx Software Content Management

Software Content Management expands and enhances digital service delivery to remote assets using secure, reliable mass distribution and management of content.

  • Simplified Deployment and Installation
    Easily create, package, test, deploy, and manage software packages for distribution
  • Centralized Administration
    Schedule, track, and record remote distributions from a single user-friendly dashboard
  • Optimized Asset Performance
    Monitor assets and track distributions with full audit trails to ensure the entire asset population is current
  • Integration with Microsoft Azure
    Connect to Microsoft Azure IoT Edge devices to update content at scale, simplifying the user experience

Unlock IIoT Benefits with the ThingWorx Platform

ThingWorx is an analyst-recognized industrial IoT platform, purpose-built with end-to-end capabilities for solving your business challenges. From connecting your assets and building role-based experiences, to delivering valuable data insights and orchestrating smart assets, ThingWorx provides the IIoT features you need for success.

Speaking of Service Podcast

Tune in to the Speaking of Service podcast where you will hear expert guests discuss their view of the IIoT and various service benefits and challenges. We’ll cover some of the most important ways the IIoT can maximize service and bring value to your organization, including the need for remote condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and everything field service related.

Speaking of Service

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