Drive Digital Innovation

It takes more than a game-changing idea to leave your mark on an industry – it takes a shift in mindset and a step-by-step approach from digital innovation to digital transformation.

Embrace Digital Innovation—Every Day

Digital innovation is a mindset of integrating change, challenge, and high-performing culture into every part of your business to meet industry disruption head-on. From product design to digital twin and from engineering to manufacturing to the field, we’re turning what’s possible for customers into reality.

Groupe Beneteau Drives Innovation

Groupe Beneteau encourages its customers to configure the boat of their dreams. To offer personalization at scale, they needed an innovative digital transformation solution to connect internal teams, design partners and suppliers. By using PLM to create and orchestrate a digital thread, Beneteau creates operational efficiencies and improves employee retention while building a foundation to launch augmented reality (AR) and IIoT use cases. The result? An innovative purchasing experience for customers with more features and options, higher product quality and less downtime.

Innovative Customers: Groupe Beneteau, Polaris, and Whirlpool Corporation

If your company is pursuing opportunities afforded by smart connected products, both PLM and digital thread should be on your radar. Concepts like digital thread can seem futuristic. But many discrete manufacturers are already transforming their big ideas into innovation business models and offerings using PLM to create a digital thread. See for yourself:

Groupe Beneteau

Beneteau Group delivers the exact boat of your dreams.



Polaris extends their enterprise PLM through augmented reality.


Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation innovates for the home of the future.


Ready to Start Innovating?

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