X/Server: The last PC XServer you will ever need

Easily accomplish all your Unix/Linux/Windows OS Integration tasks

PTC X/Server is designed to be the ideal solution for interoperability of PCs and UNIX/Linux systems utilizing the most recent standards.

In a world of heterogeneous IT environments, the need for a high-performance, transparent PC X server that delivers seamless integration between the Windows® desktop and the UNIX/Linux server is critical.  PTC X/Server operates on Windows Desktop (32 and 64) and Windows Server (64 bit) platforms.

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MKS Toolkit and X/Server Business Update Webinar

Learn more about what is new with PTC, our commitment to MKS Toolkit & X/Server and their latest features, and our vision.


Recent X/Server Release Announcements

PTC X/Server for Windows provides secure, seamless access to character and X-based UNIX applications from the Windows desktop.

X/Server 10.3 Highlights

• The core xorg-server was upgraded to version 1.17.1
• Potenial security vulnerabilities addressed
• Platform changes
• Redistribution Improvements

Benefits of X/Server

  • Full X.Org XWindow Display System server implementation.

  • Cut and paste between Operating Systems (OS); UNIX/Linux and Microsoft Windows applications.

  • Secure shell 2 support included (SSH).

  • OpenGL/GLX 1.4 support for displaying sophisticated 3D imaging applications on a Windows PC.

  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Provides greater user control over Pixel Format to Visual Mapping. No additional 3D license is needed.