Ada for Embedded Systems

Integrating Design, Implementation, Testing, Configuration Management and Process Management

The PTC ApexAda is one of the industry’s most popular development environments for Ada and mixed Ada/C/C++ applications. Powered by PTC ApexAda software, PTC ApexAda Developer provides a single, scalable environment that integrates design, implementation, testing, configuration management and process management for even the largest application development projects. It provides one of the best solutions for creating and deploying multiplatform UNIX and Linux Ada applications.

The PTC ApexAda Embedded Developer product extends the development capability into embedded target environments. This powerful cross-development system combines the native development tools and execution environment (PTC ApexAda Developer) with time-tested embedded technology, for host-to-target development of real-time embedded systems.

The result is one of the most powerful Ada development environments for embedded systems ever available, boasting the following key features:

  • Full development lifecycle in one common IDE
  • Architectural control for developing and managing large-scale applications
  • Version control and configuration management
  • Extends host-based development tools to work directly on the target execution platform
  • Leverages best practices for large-scale application development

PTC ApexAda Developer is available on most native UNIX and Linux platforms, and PTC ApexAda Embedded Developer supports cross development and deployment for embedded and real-time platforms including support for the most popular processors running traditional RTOSs as well as bare hardware environments.


PTC ApexAda Developer is among leading solutions for Aerospace & Defense development tools world-wide.  PTC ApexAda is used in military and civilian avionics, weapons systems, communications, and space applications.

PTC ApexAda has been used in these Aerospace & Defense Systems

  • M1A1 Weapons System
  • BCS-F Command & Control System

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