What's New in Creo View 8.0

Discover the improvements in this simple but powerful enterprise visualization tool

Augmented Reality Collaboration

The Latest and Greatest Capabilities

Exciting new capabilities are putting more power in the hands of Creo View users. New capabilities include:

  • Assembly Comparison Tools
  • PMI Searching and Color Coding
  • Support for New File Types
  • New Creo View WebGL Toolkit

Collaboration with Augmented Reality

With cloud-based AR through Creo View, you can already view and share designs, securely collaborate with stakeholders across the enterprise, and access product designs whenever and wherever you need. With Creo View 6.0, you can now publish and manage up to 10 designs and control who has access to each AR experience. In addition, you can publish experiences for use with the HoloLens and as QR codes.

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Design Validation

Design Validation Tools

Creo View is now able to perform complex comparisons of assemblies in addition to existing drawing and geometry comparison tools. Reduce design review cycle time by quickly and efficiently identifying:

  • Added, Removed, Changed, and Moved components
  • Design Changes including shapes of added and removed materials
  • Modified Attributes

Support for Model Based Design

Several new improvements have been made to help support model based design initiatives including:

  • Real Time Search and Color-coding of PMI information embedded in models
  • Support of alternate shapes for components in use-cases like sheet metal design, using bent and flattened states
  • Improved and simplified data conversion tools to ensure accurate generation of content
Model Based Design

ECAD Data Visualization

ECAD Data Visualization

Creo View ECAD provides unrivaled ability to view the latest versions of multiple types of ECAD data including vendor-specific and industry-standard file formats. This is on top of the standard functionality that includes:

  • Single, easy-to-use GUI for viewing all ECAD data regardless of the source
  • Access to ECAD data across the enterprise either embedded in Windchill or as a stand-alone application
  • Data interrogation, mark-up and report generation to validate design integrity
  • Facilitation of online, concurrent design reviews across multiple domains and locations
  • Data comparison of like data (board/board, schematic/schematic revisions), between design disciplines (schematic/board), manufacturing files (layout/artwork) and between ECAD layout and Creo Parametric
  • Data validation including ability to preview and accept/reject design differences or change proposals

Best-in-class organizations need a best-in-class PLM solution

Give stakeholders throughout your organization quick and easy access to product data. Windchill, PTC’s product lifecycle management solution, helps break down organizational silos leading to:

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  • Improved product quality
  • More time for innovating

Windchill offers organizations the performance and scale they need to manage large data sets and with subscription pricing, you only pay for what you need. Plus, with easy integration to the ThingWorx IoT platform, data from smart, connected products in the field can be leveraged for a digital twin.

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