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You’ve downloaded and installed the Creo software—so what’s next? Getting started with any new CAD system might seem challenging, but PTC makes it easy. These articles and online classes will help you get up and running right away, and before you know it you will be delivering your best designs in less time with Creo.

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Watch our video demos on YouTube PTC has hundreds of searchable Creo videos covering a range of topics, in a variety of languages. View product highlights and hands-on demonstrations on our YouTube channel. Start Watching
Discover more about Creo in our blogs PTC has a wealth of blog articles on numerous CAD topics, including multibody, simulation, model-based definition, generative design, additive manufacturing, among many others. Explore Our Blogs
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In-depth training resources We’ve curated our best Creo tutorials for you to further explore. For the full list of videos, check out the Learning Connector Playlist. All you’ll need is a PTC eSupport login to sign in for access. Don’t have a PTC support account? Register for free and get one today!
Learn about the Creo main interface, including graphics window and toolbars, context-sensitive ribbon menu, dashboard, status bar, and message log. This is a great way to start designing in Creo.
When new parts are created, templates can be used to include datums, layers, units, parameters, and view orientations. Want to learn more? Our modeling tutorial will teach you what you need to know.
Creo Parametric models are value-driven and use dimensions and parameters to define the size and location of features within the model. Our parametric modeling tutorial will explain the ins and outs of this type of model.
Creo makes it easy to create a multitude of hole types with the specialized hole tool. Learn how to harness everything this tool can do in this tutorial.
Using constraints and connections in Creo, you can assemble different components or sub-assemblies into your assembly model. With variables such as taking a bottom-up vs top-down approach and the choice between using default templates or creating your own customized templates, Creo allows you to build assemblies with ease.
With Creo’s command search tool, you can find commands faster and preview their locations directly in the user interface. Learn to use this tool with SmartWorks by following this tutorial.