Creo Elements/Direct Surfacing

Provides Powerful, Robust Capabilities to Easily Create Stylized Surfaces and Design Freeform Shapes

Creo Elements/Direct Surfacing is perfect for companies and industrial designers who want to create appealing and ergonomic products. The combination of freeform surfacing and solid modeling in one environment offers unlimited flexibility to use a mix of core surfacing and 3D functionality to produce innovative product designs.

With Creo Elements/Direct Surfacing you can use surface-editing commands with 3D design data created in any other 3D CAD system. It easily cleans up imported data by automatically detecting gaps and repairing designs. You can even analyze the quality of your surfaces while in progress or at completion. With Creo Elements/Direct Surfacing you get to spend less time on detailed design work and more time creating innovative products.


  • Provides greater control over ergonomic surfaces with skinning or sweeping curved meshes
  • Reduces the profiles needed to create stylized shapes with guided
    loft — a combination of sweep and loft techniques
  • Creates models quickly from any surface with thicken, extrude and offset techniques
  • Modifies the definition of surfaces through simple push and pull techniques
  • Explores alternative surface shapes intuitively with Surface Editor
  • Enables straightforward creation of parts with sculptured shapes by merely referencing planar or non-planar curves
  • Enables fast generation of solid or surface models
  • Assists in repairing imported, incomplete solids to create valid solid models
  • Encourages surface analysis, to design products with highest surface quality


  • Skinning – create a face from a mesh of 2D and 3D edges
  • Guided loft – create surfaces by moving one or more profiles along a guiding spine and one or two bi-rail curves
  • Capping – design a smooth cap on top of an existing closed loop of edges
  • Bridge creation – connect two parts through a set of faces
  • Advanced sweeping – sweep any profile along guiding spines such as bi-rail, constant bi-rail and twist angle while controlling orientation and scaling
  • Face round – create blend-like face chains to tangentially connect two face sets
  • Dynamic surface modification – manipulate any surface dynamically and retain a solid model
  • Extrude edges – extrude planar or non-planar edges (2D or 3D) in a specific direction
  • Adjust faces – improve the tangent plane continuity across given edges
  • Curvature continuity (G2) of faces along edges – use on skinning, bridge creation, guided loft, and face round
  • Advanced editing of surfaces with support of wire modification (requires add-on: Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Design)

    • Analyze and visualize the curvature of surfaces in real time, at any point along an edge with gauss curvature (color-coded), mean curvature (color-coded), zebra stripes, analyze angles

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