Creo Elements/Direct Finite Element Analysis

A Powerful Tool for Quickly Performing Structural, Buckling, Thermal, and Frequency Analyses

Creo Elements/Direct Finite Element Analysis gives you all the power you need to simulate real-life mechanical and thermal stresses on products within Creo Elements/Direct Modeling. Now you can easily identify and resolve design issues using analysis - and even make it part of your daily 3D CAD design activities.


  • Set up, analyze and save analysis parameters as a studies directly with the model, allowing for quick reuse and easier design team communication
  • Analyze and digitally prototype individual parts or entire assemblies to improve design for structural integrity
  • Conduct standard analyses on product designs, including linear, static, modal, buckling and steady-state thermal analysis
  • Incorporate stress, strain, deformation and temperature distribution throughout your product design with combined thermal and structural analysis in any study
  • Analyze both thin-walled and sheetmetal parts with shell elements for faster calculation of analyses
  • Achieve faster realization of optimal designs, identify both failure-prone and over-engineered components and products, and reduce physical prototyping costs
  • Conduct extensive trade-off studies upfront in the development process, and yield downstream benefits, including increased design quality, reduced time-to-market, reduced cost of goods sold, and reduced warranty exposure


  • Execute all analyses within the Creo Elements/Direct Modeling environment
  • Set up and store loads and boundary conditions, and assign material types directly with the part or assembly data
  • Store multiple studies of the same part or assembly data for future analyses of the model
  • Leverage automatic meshing and solving for parts and assemblies
  • Visualize parts in full-color, which clearly shows stress, strain, displacement, etc.
  • Store results with the part
  • Document results by within an HTML document including the analysis data and animated pictures
  • Analyze stress levels, displacements, and resonant frequencies of designs (supported cases include: linear static structural analysis, linear buckling and normal modes)
  • Analyze thermal cases such as steady state thermal, solving for temperature and flux, loads and Boundary Conditions (LBCs)
  • Assign LBCs directly to part or assembly, including:

    • Vertex, edges, and face loads
    • Spin, gravity, acceleration, and part temperature
    • Face pressure loads
    • Translational constraints and enforced displacements (XYZ) for vertex, edge, or face
    • Heat flow, heat generation, free convection, fixed temperature

  • Standard database including over 900 commonly used materials, such as various types of steel, aluminum and plastics
  • Modify material parameters or add more materials to the material database
  • Generate volumetric meshes automatically, using technology provided by MSC Software Corporation – Tetrahedral linear or quadratic order adaptive h-element technology – P-element technology
  • Automatically create shell-elements tailored for sheet metal part analysis
  • Generate surface mesh with triangular or quadratic h-elements
  • Export mesh with or without LBC data as a PATRANneutral file
  • Apply mesh conditions to the part or assembly, and control local mesh density
  • Solve cases with unlimited nodes and unlimited mesh size. Solving based on the latest h- and p-elements technology from industry-leader MSC Software Corporation

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