PTC eDrawings Professional

Create 2D Drawings and 3D Models in eDrawings Format From Within Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

PTC eDrawings Professional for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling produces inspection- and review-enabled PTC eDrawings that anyone can open, view, interact with and print. By converting 3D and 2D product design data to the popular PTC eDrawings format, anyone can view your models and any measurements, dimensions, and notes within the document using the free viewer or when the viewer is optionally embedded in the PTC eDrawings file.

Creo Elements/Direct Modeling offers two levels of PTC eDrawings support:

  • At the base level, you can publish PTC eDrawings documents, so your 3D design data-along with associated drawings-can be easily viewed by others using the free PTC eDrawings Viewer (included with your seat of PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling).
  • If you need more advanced capabilities-including inspection-and review-enabled capabilities for PTC eDrawings documents-you can easily upgrade to the PTC eDrawings Professional add-on module.


  • Capture, mark up and publish Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) and 3D documentation such as Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances (GD&T), manufacturing symbols and notes
  • Create, edit and save markup elements, such as comments, geometric shapes dynamic cross-sectioning, clouds, images, or dimensions
  • Examine internal details of parts and assemblies with dynamic cross-sectioning
  • Create exploded views by moving individual components or entire subassemblies within assemblies or drawings
  • Store and manage PTC eDrawings documents with Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager
  • Clearly communicate product design data, and avoid misunderstandings when discussing design topics or resolving complex engineering issues
  • Combine 2D drawings and 3D models in a single PTC eDrawings document, viewable in overlay mode


Basic PTC eDrawings functionality included with Creo Elements/Direct Modeling:

  • Publish eDrawings for parts, assemblies, and drawings (including sheet selection)
  • Include 3D documentation, such as dimensions, geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T), and notes
  • Optionally store in Creo Model Manager as related files to the 3D model
  • Easily share and view eDrawings published from Creo Elements/Direct Modeling using the free eDrawings viewer that can be installed with Creo Elements/Direct Modeling or be embedded in, and distributed with, the eDrawings file
  • Save or email directly from within the eDrawings viewer, either as an eDrawings file or packaged in a ZIP file, an HTML page or an executable
  • Visualize 3D design data in shaded or wireframe mode
  • Rotate, zoom, and pan 3D models
  • View 3D models and 2D drawings in overlay mode
  • Navigate the individual layout views manually by selection, or automatically via animations

Extended functionality included in eDrawings Professional for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling:

  • Measure dimensions from the model or drawing (or isometric-type drawing views, the projected length is displayed instead of the true length)
  • Create, edit and save markup elements, such as comments, geometric shapes, clouds, images, or dimensions
  • Move individual components either in an assembly or in a drawing, to create exploded views
  • Dynamically move cross-sectioning plane through parts and assemblies to see design details hidden from view
  • Query mass, volume, density (parts only), and surface area of the mode
  • Disable measurement and STL export of eDrawings documents to protect sensitive data
  • Assign passwords to protect eDrawings documents

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