Creo Elements/Direct Cabling

Automated Routed Systems Design for Wiring and Cable Harnesses

Creo Elements/Direct Cabling is a routed system design tool which unites the electrical and mechanical disciplines to automate the design and manufacture of routed wiring and cable harnesses. You can create cables, harnesses, and bill-of-materials documentation, including completely annotated manufacturing-ready drawings for electrical cables, harness routes, and nail boards.

Creo Elements/Direct Cabling combines electrical and mechanical design data allowing you to fully simulate electromechanical products, design and validate physical harness routing, generate accurate bill-of-materials, and specify connector types and lengths. The result?  You can shorten lead times and support late requirement changes without threatening schedules or forcing a complete rework.


  • Speed the design of rigid and flexible cabling by reusing MCAD and ECAD system design information
  • Easily create manufacturing-ready drawings of cable harness designs, completely annotated with all necessary manufacturing information
  • Design, measure and estimate your wire harnesses with Creo Elements/Direct Cabling in 3D using the same tool you use for mechanical design
  • Easily accommodate late changes in the harness design process
  • Design and route wires and cables dynamically through enclosures, or automatically route through predefined paths
  • Define virtual and physical cable channels
  • Access an entire electrical library of company-specific components and materials including: wires, cables, fixtures, connectors, electrical properties, location points, assembly directions etc.
  • Access a full set of flat cables, complete with twist, fold and split options
  • Generate reports to capture manufacturing documentation such as maximum wire length, wire “from-to” lists, calculated bundle diameters and maximum bend radii
  • Eliminate errors in connector positioning, cable lengths, and housing considerations by using 3D CAD to fully design and validate complex wire harness assemblies before you produce any physical prototype
  • Share electrical and mechanical data and accurate 3D prototypes for design reviews


  • Use extensive features for dynamic ribbon cable routing
  • Run reports and calculations for electrical, physical, and manufacturing information including minimal cable bend radii, multiple wires on same pin, open wire ends, etc.
  • Define and customize company-specific reports and additional design rules
  • Automatically generate accurate, associative 2D formboard (nail board) drawings for harness manufacturing
  • Automatically create required dimensions
  • Move, rotate, and scale cable segments or connectors to improve position or annotation
  • Add annotations directly on the harness drawing such as dimensions, tables, wire run-lists, and bills-of-materials
  • Add annotations like pin, wire, and connector properties
  • Add standard or embedded dimensions of the actual harness length
  • Easily connect multi-conductor cables and automatically snap in components with predefined mating points
  • Automatically create all required wires based on the imported wire list
  • See missing components, unplaced components, connection differences, etc. when importing with intelligent update checks
  • Automatically create connections with cable air nets
  • Auto-route air nets via pre-defined channels and virtual paths for optimized harness results
  • Export cable information back into ECAD systems

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