Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Design

Extended 3D Design Capabilities for Your Creo Elements/ Direct Modeling Environment

Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Design is a comprehensive set of five integrated Creo Elements/Direct Modeling modules.  These modules work together to resolve potential manufacturing issues and extend the use of 3D CAD data beyond product design.

Essential for any size design team, Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Design can establish physical and mechanical relationships within assemblies, add parametric features to parts, design plastic parts faster and protect intellectual property with suppressed or simplified product details.

The software can also help you create design variations, simulate realistic motion, simplify design geometry, define inspection plans, and utilize dedicated design capabilities such as parameter-driven features and core and cavity commands for plastic parts.


  • Visualize mechanisms in motion within Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, and easily identify design interference
  • Generate product design animation sequences or simply add motion simulation to parts and assemblies to visualize assembly, disassembly, and mechanism studies – with or without physical simulation relationships
  • Simulate mechanism behavior to identify interferences
  • Analyze physical behavior through animations and simulations
  • Enhance recorded simulations for playback with photorealistic frames using the optional AVI animation output
  • Design plastic injection molds with industry-standard moldbases, and automatically generate all required components
  • Prepare and export dimensional measurement plans for Quality Control departments by providing accurate measurement points for comparing manufactured products with 3D CAD specifications
  • Use 3D documentation to attach tolerances and design specifications to your design for inspection
  • Generate and create design variants with part and assembly relationships, constraints, and conditions
  • Define positional relationships and dynamically push, pull and rotate assembly mechanisms to simulate physical behavior
  • Provide accurate metrology measurement points for a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Save time and reduce errors by directly using your 3D model to create mold designs with parting surfaces, and automatically produce accurate core and cavity mold blocks


  • Review multiple simulation studies for identical parts and assemblies
  • Run predefined mechanism motions, including rack, gear, screw, cam
  • Detect interferences dynamically and "stop on interference" based on model data
  • Attach logical relations, value relations, and measure relations to product design data from both PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling and imported CAD data
  • Define formulas for value relations and table editing
  • Establish relationships on both native and imported parts and assemblies to automatically create design variations (such as family of parts), build relations-based feature patterns, and add intelligence for design modification
  • Support curve and surface modification
  • Design and analyze with a broad range of predefined plastic form features, user-definable design rules, isotropic and anisotropic scaling
  • Analyze undercuts, draft, and wall thickness
  • Automatically detect and remove features such as through holes, bosses, pockets, rips, slots, blends, and helical surfaces
  • Remove certain features based on parameters such as height, depth, radius, and box size
  • Remove small parts, hidden parts, and selected parts
  • Maintain assembly structure and simplify all parts in one step
  • Merge assemblies to create a single geometrically merged structure
  • Maintain associativity between original and simplified parts in Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager
  • Create, modify, and analyze surfaces, and design ergonomic products with confidence
  • Automatic detection of gaps, ideal for repairing imported designs
  • All operations also work on designs imported through standard interfaces or optional CAD interfaces

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