Creo Elements/Direct Task Agent

Automates Operations on Drawings and Models in Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager

Creo Elements/Direct Task Agent automates repetitive or time-consuming tasks for 2D drawings and 3D models in the product development process. As a productivity add-on, Creo Elements/Direct Task Agent saves time by scheduling and automating background processes while ensuring the quality of your designs by continuously identifying interference and conflicts. The product allows you to complete the following without interrupting your work: print or plot 2D drawings, convert drawings or models to viewing and geometry formats, or run clash analyses on subassemblies or complete product designs.


  • Execute product development tasks either on-demand or on a daily or weekly schedule
  • Identify and resolve assembly conflicts with scheduled Creo Elements/Direct Modeling 3D clash analyses
  • Set up clash analysis definitions for parts, or complete assemblies and use Creo Elements/Direct Task Agent to monitor your design
  • Publish 3D design data on-demand to Creo View, VRML or lightweight 3D viewing formats
  • Multi-task by converting 2D and 3D design data on another system while you continue your work
  • Maximize system resource utilization: hared high-end systems on the server side allow for heavy-duty processing of even very large assemblies


  • Select your drawings and use the task dialog to flexibly associate master data, appropriate printing options and destination printers
  • Launch print/plot tasks on demand, or schedule them for later or at regular intervals for hard-copy documentation
  • Define format conversion tasks for immediate or scheduled, one-time or recurring execution
  • Define trigger states for automatic generation and execution of immediate or scheduled format conversion
  • Store conversion results as related files to the drawings and models in Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager, or deliver by email
  • Automatically convert 2D drawings to PDF, DXF, DWF, DWG, VRML, SVG, IGES, or HP-GL/2 formats
  • Automatically convert 3D models to visualization formats such as Creo View MCAD, eDrawings®, STL, or VRML, or (with add-on Creo Elements/Direct Interface products) to eDrawings® Professional, XVL®, 3D PDF, or U3D
  • Automatically convert 3D models to the neutral geometry formats STEP, IGES 3D, and SAT, or (with add-on PTC Creo Elements/Direct Interface products) to CAD formats for Creo, CATIA® V4, I-deas®, Inventor™, NX®, or Parasolid®
  • Automatically update clash results in Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager, then review analyses updates when you load models back into Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
  • Ensure your data is up to date: system will mark analysis objects as outdated when anyone saves relevant model changes to Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager
  • Freely define generalized job types that can export job input data and parameters, trigger job execution – running any script or application on the correspondingly configured Job Server – and handle result data
  • Specify printers for plot jobs in easy-to-edit XML file
  • Monitor all tasks, job queue, job spooler, and job server status
  • Add or remove resource hosts with Creo Elements/Direct Drafting and Creo Elements/Direct Modeling services
  • Configure predefined XML tags
  • Modify standard task parameters
  • Adapt job scripts or existing tasks
  • Flexibly define and program custom tasks/jobs on different levels