Creo Elements/Direct BOM Editor

Create, Manage, Modify, and Export BOM Reports for Your 3D Product Development Processes

Creo Elements/Direct BOM Editor allows lean manufacturing companies to use engineering bills-of-materials (BOMs) as the starting point for manufacturing BOMs. Developed to eliminate the time and expense of manual data management processes, Creo Elements/Direct BOM Editor creates, manages, modifies, and exports BOM reports for your 3D product development process.

Creo Elements/Direct BOM Editor can manage complex, multilevel product structures, ensuring design integrity, and providing up-to-date revisions of design data across the development team, without fear of accidental data loss. Because of its integration with other Creo Elements/Direct products you get a real-time, seamless data management experience when using Creo Elements/ Direct 3D and 2D CAD systems.


  • Reuse 3D design data and assembly structures from the CAD system to speed up the process of creating manufacturing BOM reports
  • Update BOMs in Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager as designs change, ensuring all critical BOM information is up-to-date in a centralized, revision-controlled report


  • Control BOM accuracy by setting actual and spare part quantities, tracking BOM attributes such as modeled, spare, and total part quantities, and verifying purchased and manufactured components, as well as items to be included or excluded
  • Prepare and organize BOM reports with inseparable assemblies and phantom components and assemblies, splits, and critical non-mechanical components, such as grease and paint
  • Send BOM report tables, part lists, and position numbers directly from Creo Elements/Direct BOM Editor to populate a 2D drawing in Annotation for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, Creo Elements/Direct Drafting, or external systems
  • Send or export a BOM report in several formats, including HTML, Microsoft Excel®, CSV, 3D Documentation for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, Annotation for Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, and Creo Elements/Direct Drafting
  • Easily reorder and assign part lists and position numbers to quickly identify parts within the drawing
  • Use BOM effectivity scheduling and options in variant production to help manage coinciding pre-production processes
  • Use BOM effectivity scheduling to designate periods of time when parts should or should not be used
  • Quickly create consolidated, indented, flat, sourcing, and custom view BOM reports based on your specific business needs
  • Track, record, and compare versions of your BOM reports to use later for reference