Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager

Integrate Product Data Management Into Your Design Process

Time to look through all those electronic and paper files you have stored carefully on your laptop and desk. It’s an impressive library with data everyone needs, so it’s good you’ve got your own system for accessing it. Today’s goal: get your hands on the 2D design you wanted to reuse. Then you can answer those questions from manufacturing about that part.

Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager integrates product data management into your design process, so you and your team can track your efforts and easily access the most up-to-date information about your product. No more ad hoc systems with their potential for error and confusion. Instead, Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager allows you to manage file ownership, revision, and model design states seamlessly. You’ll never have to disrupt your workflow or worry about data integrity.

Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager, tightly integrated with Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, suits organizations of any size and installs in 15 minutes. Think about it: one centralized workgroup database and tools that can coordinate across the entire product lifecycle. Now that we’ve taken the mystery out of product data management, you can focus on creating the best products.

Benefits of Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager

  • Speeds development and cut costs
  • Serves as a system of record
  • Offers scalable data management you will not outgrow
  • Streamlines processes

Download the Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager Datasheet

Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager Extensions: