Creo Direct: Direct Modeling CAD Software

An Easy-to-Use Direct Modeling CAD Software for Rapid 3D Design Creation

Our direct modeling software is a stand-alone application that enables infrequent computer-aided design (CAD) users to create new geometry or modify any existing 3D CAD design, regardless of file format. Direct interaction with the geometry makes it easy for anyone to learn and use. That’s why it’s the ideal tool for people in concept design, analysis, and manufacturing ― or for anyone who’s new to 3D CAD or uses it infrequently.

Working with Creo Direct is quick, flexible and intuitive. It is well suited for tasks such as generating proposals, defining the initial design for tooling fixtures or capturing design input from customers in the field. By furthuring collaboration with your extended team, the software encourages innovation and enables your company to respond better to changing customer needs.

Direct Modeling Features and Benefits:

Downloadable Datasheets

Creo Direct Datasheet

Why You May Need Parametric and Direct 3D CAD