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Transform your business with IoT enabled by KPMG and PTC

KPMG LLP and PTC’s strategic alliance will help enterprises capture opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. It combines KPMG’s strategic vision and professional services with PTC’s leading, field-tested industrial IoT platform (ThingWorx) as well as augmented reality (AR) and product lifecycle management (PLM).

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Sunbelt rentals transforms Its business with IoT fleet management

With a fleet of more than 600,000 assets made by hundreds of manufacturers, Sunbelt recognized that significant efficiency gains would come from unifying systems and data. Partnering with KPMG, the company developed a unified IoT solution that optimized fleet operations and improved the customer experience.

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LACROIX electronics drives manufacturing excellence with IIoT

In order to reduce equipment failure, minimize defects, and improve quality, LACROIX needed a solution providing greater visibility into manufacturing – but also one that’s flexible, scalable, and wouldn’t disrupt production.

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