Unique Combination of IT and OT Software to Accelerate Customers’ Digital Transformation Initiatives; Joint Solution Featured at LiveWorx

BOSTON – June 10, 2019 – Today at LiveWorx19™PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) and Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK) today demonstrated the unparalleled value of their combined technologies, addressing the most costly and persistent challenges manufacturers face today. Enabled by FactoryTalk InnovationSuite, powered by PTC, the companies’ solutions-oriented approach simplifies how manufacturers achieve business outcomes that transform operational processes, workforce productivity and efficiency.

Digital transformation, which uses new technology to spur innovation and creativity, has become imperative for manufacturers facing shifting customer expectations, uncertain global trade and cost pressures, and workforce shortages. Despite the many competitive advantages it can provide, less than 10% of industrial companies describe their own digital transformation efforts as a real success, according to LNS Research. Those who are successful have an expansive, company-wide scope and are deploying solutions that tackle broader challenges, like understanding true performance across facilities with different environments and systems or minimizing unplanned downtime across their organizations.

“Manufacturers today require a new way to approach pressing challenges. That’s why our combined Rockwell Automation and PTC solutions bring together transformational technologies and drive true business outcomes,” said John Genovesi, senior vice president, Enterprise Accounts and Software, Rockwell Automation.

Experience the Complete Offering at the LiveWorx Xtropolis Expo Hall

In the expo hall at LiveWorx this week, PTC and Rockwell Automation are showcasing how their solutions – consisting of advanced technologies such as the internet of things, augmented reality, analytics, and MES – can significantly improve:

  • Enterprise Operational Intelligence – cuts manufacturing costs and increases flexibility and agility of manufacturing networks by providing real-time manufacturing performance management across the industrial enterprise.
  • Digital Workforce Productivity – heightens productivity, improves quality, and avoids safety and compliance risk by equipping workers with actionable, augmented intelligence.
  • Intelligent Asset Optimization – reduces downtime and maximizes asset utilization through real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and predictive and prescriptive analytics into asset capacity, performance, and health status.
  • Scalable Production Management – lowers cost of inventory, improves quality, and compliance and accelerates time to market with effective planning and control of production processes.

“These high-impact solutions are great for any company’s industrial transformation journey and should yield significant value to those needing to improve operational performance,” said Matt Littlefield, president, LNS Research.

The PTC and Rockwell Automation Strategic Alliance Continues to Thrive

Since becoming strategic partners last year, the two companies have aligned resources, delivered the Factory Talk Innovation Suite, powered by PTC, and won new business in a variety of countries and industries.

“Our collaboration with Rockwell Automation enables industrial enterprises to overcome challenges and gain traction with their digital operations initiatives,” said Howard Heppelmann, general manager, connected operations solutions, PTC. “We are excited to continue offering solutions that streamline the convergence of digital, physical and human elements – all of which are key to helping our customers digitally transform.”

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