Integrity Modeler

Streamline your System Development Projects and Reduce Costs with an Integrated Toolset for Model-Based Systems Engineering

As mission and safety critical system development projects become more complex, it is increasingly difficult to create and communicate design ideas that can be easily understood and agreed on by all stakeholders. Even when using model-based and requirements-driven approaches, too often the inconsistent mix of different design artifacts will leave gaps, variations and, ultimately, errors, causing your deliveries to slip. Many of these approaches also impose extremely rigid processes that kill off creativity, which in turn can curtail your competitive edge.

Integrity Modeler is a pragmatic solution for SysML, UML and Variability modeling, all integrated within a single tool. Create consistent, high quality models for systems, software and product line engineers to communicate requirements, consider design alternatives and make decisions involving the entire stakeholder community, regardless of their location. Independent survey results show that applying MB-PLE approaches, such as those in Integrity, can reduce your total development costs by 62% and deliver 23% more of your projects on time.1

Integrity Modeler reduces the time and effort required to design products, systems and software by leading you through the appropriate industry standard diagrams and automating repetitive tasks. It also reduces costs by finding potential problems much earlier and simplifies the design process by modeling the way you build. On its own, Integrity Modeler enables model-based systems, software and Product Line Engineering (PLE).

Integrity Modeler features and benefits:
  • Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) with SysML
  • Model-based software engineering with UML
  • Integrated product line variation modeling
  • Simple and powerful variant selection
  • Automated product model generation
  • Extensible meta-model and diagram notations
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Automatic, configurable and extensible model review
  • Profiles, generators and reversers for ARINC 653, IDL3/IDL3+, OMG XMI™, MARTE, SPT and UPDM (DoDAF & MODAF)
  • Fully configurable automatic code synchronization for C, C++, C#, Ada, Java and VB
  • Synchronization with Integrity Lifecycle Manager, Simulink® and DOORS®
  • Automatic document generation
  • Configurable user interface simplification
  • Live web access for model view

1 Embedded Market Forecasters Report

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