PLM in the Cloud: The Backbone of Digital Transformation in Aerospace and Defense

Explore out-of-the-box PLM software solutions that have all the necessary pre-requisites for secure collaboration with guaranteed cybersecurity compliance and continuity of operations.  

PLM SaaS: Trusted data as a driving force

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The defense ecosystem needs fast, scalable tools to manage its product lifecycle so it can retire legacy systems that are not integrated and costly to maintain. With a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution you can create a seamless flow of data up and down the value chain, connecting each phase of the product lifecycle from design, testing, supportability analysis, supply chain, production and service. This is known as the “digital thread”. This digital thread creates a “closed-loop” lifecycle system that combines government, contractor, and connected (Internet of Things) product-related data.

Retire legacy systems that are not integrated and are costly to maintain. Experience similar results to what your peers have: 

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Up to 42%

-  Improvement in new systems development time

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Up to 30x

-  Faster access to data

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Up to $80M+

-  Cost savings per year

Up to 12.5%

-  Reduction in inventory 

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Up to 50%

-  Reduction in cycle time on change documents

Easily pivot to the cloud for standards-based collaboration

PTC’s PLM software, Windchill, has 100% web-based architecture designed to easily integrate with existing IT, internet, and security infrastructures for remote work and multi-site collaboration.

Governance and traceabiity
Accelerate supplier delivery schedules
PLM SaaS in a secure PTC cloud
Utilize a digital twin

Governance and traceabiity

 Maintain configuration control over millions of change objects and workflows, each of which have relationships to documents and models.

Accelerate supplier delivery schedules

Streamline readiness analysis by integrating PLM, ERP, and logistics data automatically.

PLM SaaS in a secure PTC cloud

Work in a FedRAMP / DISA Authorized IL-5 cloud already onnected to several DoD networks. Anyone with a CAC card and proper credentials can access the environment.

Utilize a digital twin

Control and understand the exact configuration of a product based on effectivity and version control to create digital models that virtually represent their physical counterparts.

Windchill in use at the U.S. Navy


Digital transformation in the DoD: U.S. Navy case study

The U.S. Navy was seeking to modernize its current acquisition and logistic support IT infrastructure and required a new approach to doing business. See how PLM in the cloud played a key role.

Reduce WIP Manufacturing Inventory

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Navy deploys digital twins

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Overview of the PLM cloud solution

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PLM and model-based product support at the U.S. Navy

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