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At PTC, we would like to hear your feedback on our products, services and experiences. Share your needs so we can optimize our offerings and increase your long-term satisfaction when doing business with PTC!

Climb the charts
PTC Rock Stars is not about free PTC swag, gift cards or other monetary rewards. It’s about increasing the value you and your peers realize from PTC products and services. By using our products and doing business with us every day, you have become the experts whose opinion we value.

Share your feedback with us, earn badges and build your reputation among your peers in the global community of PTC users. The biggest reward, however, is the knowledge that you will have contributed to the PTC solutions of the future!

Tune in
Registering is easy. Just fill out the form on the right and we will add you to the band. There is no fee and there are no obligations. By registering, you allow us to email you targeted surveys and polls during the year.

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Program Guide: Why Join the VoC Rock Stars?

Be Heard
Share your experiences and opinions with PTC stakeholders and decision-makers.

Make a difference in what happens with PTC’s products, services, communications and more.

Expand Your Network
Engage with other PTC customers and partners from around the world by participating in an exclusive Community Hub.

Witness Your Impact
Learn how your insights are being applied to PTC products and projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few more details on the program for you. Still cannot find your answer? Send us an email to VoC@ptc.com!

  • What is the VoC Rock Star program?

    The VoC Rock Star program is open to all PTC customers and partners who are willing to continuously share feedback on their experience with PTC. Your feedback is a key component of our planning & development efforts for future products, services and offerings. Participation is always 100% voluntary and free.
  • How do I join?

    Membership is limited and exclusive to PTC customers and partners. You must register first and answer a few questions so we can invite you to the relevant feedback surveys. Please use the same email address you use for your ptc.com account.
  • Fees & Rewards

    Participation is free. There are no monetary rewards for participating, either.

    The VoC Rock Star program is solely about speaking up and sharing your expertise as a PTC customer and partner. Help us shape the PTC experience to better serve your needs and become a true influencer.

    Rock Star members get exclusive access to a private PTC Community group and you can earn Community badges based on your level of engagement. Use this platform to engage, influence and network.
  • How do I participate?

    Once you sign up, we will invite you to our VoC research projects based on your profile. Upon registration, we are asking you for your PTC Community username and will add you to the Rock Star private group on PTC Community. If you do not have an account yet, we will send you a separate invite.

    Invitations to new research and polls may be sent to your email (from PTC directly or through a tool called SlapFive) or you may receive invites through PTC Community, embedded an online environment or in-person at live events.

    Through the Rock Star group in PTC Community, you will be among the first to receive updates on results and news from the VoC team and other stakeholders at PTC.

    We do encourage conversation and welcome additional suggestions through this forum, too.

    You may choose to leave the Rock Star program at any time. In this case, we will remove you from the Rock Star Community group. If you cancel your membership we will not contact you again about the Rock Star program. Canceling your Rock Star membership does not remove you from any other PTC email subscriptions or business notifications you may already be set up for. You may also still be asked to participate in the quarterly PTC Customer Survey in the future.
  • How do you use the information I provide when I register?

    We use the information you provide during membership registration to better understand the types of surveys and discussion groups that may interest you. Please review PTC’s Privacy Policy and let us know if you have any open questions.

    Your feedback is primarily used PTC-internal for shaping the PTC customer experience and driving continuous improvement and innovation. In cases where we would like to share your feedback publicly, we will explicitly reach out to you for your consent.
  • What happens with my feedback?

    Any feedback provided to the Voice of the Customer team will be reviewed and used to drive improvements and innovation to our products, services and experiences. Depending on the type of feedback and the way it is collected, it may be processed in different ways.

    We are looking at each submission and reviewing your comments. We are aggregating feedback and driving the information up to the relevant stakeholders at PTC, including our Product Management teams. Negative feedback will be passed on as well as positive feedback. A team member may follow up with additional questions as needed.