Tips & Tricks: Bring Your Model to Life with Ambient Occlusion

Add realistic shading to your model in Creo 3.0 by enabling Ambient Occlusion. Ambient occlusion simulates the effect of light on a model by shading areas that are obstructed by other parts of the model.

So, if some geometry would naturally cast a shadow on another piece of geometry in real life, the shadow will appear in your model too.

Note that model features “throw shade” on the model when Ambient Occlusion is enabled. This creates a more realistic appearance.

To add more realistic shading to your model, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the Display Style is set to Shading with Reflections.
  2. Click Options. The PTC Creo Parameters Options dialog opens.
  3. On the left menu bar, select Model Display.
  4. Under the Real-time rendering settings heading, select the Enable ambient occlusion effect check box (as shown below).
  5. Click OK to apply your selection.

To see a demonstration of these steps, watch this video:

To learn more, read the Creo Help Center page, Configurations Options for Photorealistic Rendering.

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