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  • 3/14/2019
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CAD and PLM Technical Day at LiveWorx 2019

LiveWorx season is fast approaching and for All Access and DeluX attendees at this year’s event, we have a special CAD and PLM Technical Day to start the week off right.

Created in partnership with PTC/USER, this event on Monday, June 10th at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center offers brand new content for both Creo and Windchill customers with customer stories, tips and tricks, best practices, and insight into how your organization can better use both products.

Here are 10 things you will learn at this event:

  1. How to effectively use the Creo Welding application – Learn basic setup options to manage weld visualization, symbol appearance, layering, and other configuration options. In addition, presenters explore techniques using mapkeys and UDFs, showing how to improve the overall efficiency of weld creation. CNH Industrial, one of the world’s largest capital goods companies, shares lessons learned from implementing Creo Weld and their transition to using the standard symbols included with Creo.
  2. How and why to move to an SQL Server -- Video display manufacturer, Daktronics shares their journey from using an Oracle-based PDMLink to one based on an SQL Server. Attendees will hear about roadblocks, failures, and successes the manufacturer faced – from the process of cleaning up their data and presenting this change to stakeholders, to the benefits this switch made to the business. Daktronics also discusses how they measured performance before and after the switch.
  3. How to manage and integrate Building Information Modeling with Windchill – See a live demonstration of managing BIM data in Windchill. Discover how to capture and control design information from Revit within Windchill through its lifecycle. In this session, you also learn how to integrate Revit with the ThingWorx platform for smart building information management with IoT.
  4. 15 Creo Parametric Tips – When you invest in a major enterprise system like Creo Parametric, it’s essential that stakeholders leverage best practices to get the most value. Peterbilt Motors, which manufactures medium and heavy-duty trucks, shares 15 specific tips that helped users in its engineering group get the most value from their deployment. Attendees to this session will learn about Assembly, Part, and Drawing including interaction with Creo View.
  5. How to refactor wonky Windchill workflows – Is the logic in your workflows wild and unruly? Do small enhancements lead to hours of regression testing? Newell Brands, a worldwide marketer of consumer and commercial products, showcases how it created an event-based process dispatcher for Windchill workflows. The functionality was implemented to minimize logic complexity within a standard “workflow backbone” while providing hooks to enable process variation to support business needs. This technology is currently in production and supporting the various brands in the Newell Brands portfolio.
  6. How to deploy single sign-on with ThingWorx and Windchill – Discover the process that the Windchill Technical Leads at the US Army went through with PTC Customer Success Management to configure and deploy single sign on with public key infrastructure and common access cards in a Department of Defense environment.
  7. The benefits of Simplified Representation – Almost everyone is familiar with simplified reps, but few seem to use them. Multinational energy management corporation, Schneider Electric, leads attendees through a session that brings a “back to basics” look at Simplified Representations and how they can turn your sluggish, disorganized models into fast, efficient tools to get your next product to market.
  8. How other customers leverage Windchill build and deploy automation for continuous integration – Learn about the approach that US defense contractor, Raytheon, took to improve DevOps for their business critical Windchill environment. Attendees hear what prompted the effort, what the team has done so far, and where Raytheon is headed with their goal of “one click” build-and-deploy automation.
  9. Using customization tools in Creo Parametric for better design team results – Designers often find themselves repeating the same tasks while working in Creo Parametric or confused at implementing company standards in the Creo Parametric environment. Discover how Peterbilt Motors tailored the Creo Parametric experience for designers. This session covers the entire process from identifying needs to implementation.
  10. Tips and tricks for Creo 6.0 – Engineers around the globe face common problems designing complex products. Experts from Brulot Solutions and Code Product Solutions share their Creo knowledge on surface modeling, sheet metal, multi-CAD, data doctor, and freeform modeling. The tips and tricks they share demonstrate actual, real-world case studies.

Technical Day is free for All Access and DeluX pass holders at LiveWorx. (Explorer passes can join in for an additional fee.)

Click here to learn more about the CAD and PLM Technical Day and register for LiveWorx today.

CAD and PLM Technical Day at LiveWorx 2019

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