PTC and Trax Alliance Revolutionizes Aviation Maintenance

Written by: Bradley Rhoton

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In the dynamic world of aviation, where every second counts and operational efficiency is paramount, the announcement of a groundbreaking alliance between PTC and Trax marks a significant leap forward. This collaboration heralds a new era in service supply chain optimization, aiming to revolutionize how airlines and MRO providers manage maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations.


At the heart of this alliance lies the integration between two industry giants: Servigistics by PTC and Trax, an AAR subsidiary. Servigistics, renowned for its cutting-edge service parts optimization solutions, joins forces with Trax, a leader in paperless maintenance software solutions, to deliver unprecedented value to the aviation industry. Together, these platforms are set to redefine the landscape of aviation maintenance, offering insights and capabilities to optimize operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


So, what does this alliance mean for the aviation industry?


Unlocking operational excellence

The integration between Servigistics and Trax is poised to unlock new levels of operational excellence for airlines and MRO providers. By seamlessly integrating these two powerhouse platforms, organizations can access advanced tools and insights that help streamline maintenance processes, minimize aircraft downtime, and maximize operational efficiency. From optimizing inventory management to ensuring timely part availability, this alliance empowers organizations to deliver exceptional service while reducing costs and improving profitability.


Delivering business outcomes

The impact of this alliance extends far beyond operational efficiency. By leveraging the combined strengths of Servigistics and Trax, organizations can achieve tangible business outcomes and competitive advantages. From improving aircraft availability and service level achievement to reducing inventory and increasing planner productivity, the results speak volumes about the transformative power of this collaboration. Ultimately, this alliance enables organizations to enhance customer satisfaction, expand revenue growth, and maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive market.


Commitment to innovation

At its core, this alliance reflects a shared commitment to innovation and excellence. Both PTC and Trax are renowned for their dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the aviation industry. By coming together, PTC and Trax are leveraging their respective expertise and resources to deliver game-changing solutions that address the complex challenges facing the aviation maintenance sector. From leveraging advanced data science and machine learning to embracing emerging technologies, this alliance represents a bold step forward in driving innovation and shaping the future of aviation maintenance.


Looking ahead

The alliance between PTC and Trax marks the beginning of a new chapter in aviation maintenance, one defined by collaboration, innovation, and excellence. As organizations across the industry embrace the power of Servigistics and Trax, they will unlock new opportunities to optimize their operations, delight customers, and drive business growth. Together, we are revolutionizing aviation maintenance, one breakthrough at a time.


About PTC

PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) is a global software company that enables industrial and manufacturing companies to digitally transform how they engineer, manufacture, and service the physical products that the world relies on. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, PTC employs over 7,000 people and supports more than 30,000 customers globally.   

About Trax

Trax is the premier provider of aviation maintenance mobile and cloud products in the global aviation market and a wholly-owned subsidiary of AAR CORP. Trax products support digital signatures, paperless working, including workpacks and manuals, RFID-capability for logistics, biometric security, offline capability for its suite of mobile apps, web-based applications, and the ability for users to work anywhere with easy access to real-time information. Through its eMRO and eMobility products, Trax provides comprehensive software solutions designed to manage all aspects of aircraft maintenance.


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