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PTC and ClearOps announce a collaboration bringing together cutting-edge data integration technology and best-of-breed service parts optimization capabilities. Blending these technologies delivers greater visibility and communication across the service supply chain network and unlocks greater value for OEMs, dealers, and end customers.

In today’s extremely competitive environment, enterprises need to adapt quickly to changes in the supply chain network and market conditions. Digitization, real-time connectivity, and robust optimization technology along the entire supply chain are required to make proactive, profitable, and customer-centric business decisions.

The recipe to delight customers involves delivering high equipment uptime and availability and when service is required, having the right parts to fix it right the first time. Both are strong leading motivators for repeat purchases and brand loyalty. Getting it right requires efficient orchestration of an array of business processes, interaction between multiple technologies, sophisticated planning, and flawless service execution.

PTC’s Servigistics solution solves the challenge of sophisticated planning, ensuring the right service parts are available when, and where they are needed in the service supply chain. Advanced algorithms amplified by machine learning guide OEMs and dealers to achieve the highest service levels at a minimal cost.

“It’s imperative for best results that OEMs optimize the entire service supply chain, said Leslie Paulson, General Manager, Servigistics Business Unit, PTC. “Servigistics’ multi-echelon optimization capability delivers peak optimization by considering all parts and all locations in a connected optimization calculation. When dealers are a part of the network blending Servigistics’ capabilities with ClearOps deliver unique value for dealers and OEMs alike.”

ClearOps solves the challenge of interaction between technologies with an agnostic data integration technology that seamlessly connects OEMs to dealer or distributor systems and installed equipment through pre-built interfaces. This continuous connection provides the vital data needed to fully optimize business processes, enhance the effectiveness of existing optimization technology, and lays the foundation for utilization of the remaining ClearOps solution suite including parts locator and master data, service fulfillment, and asset lifecycle management.

“ClearOps easily connects the downstream supply chain – acting as a data integration hub while also automating and optimizing the after-sales service operation, said William Barkawi, CEO, ClearOps. “By combining Servigistics’ leading service parts management solution with ClearOps connectivity and fulfillment performance suite, machine manufacturers can finally close the loop enabling visibility and communication across the supply chain network. Our clients will have the ability to anticipate demand and react to market conditions in a way unavailable in the past. This makes proactive and world-class customer service achievable!”

The joint value has three primary tenants: inventory optimization, aftermarket efficiency, and better decision-making.

  • With inventory optimization, OEMs and dealers leverage a real-time connection and the resulting continuous forecasting flow to achieve higher forecast accuracy, reduce inventory investment and capital, free trapped inventory, and reduce excess throughout the network, contributing profoundly to sustainability initiatives.
  • With aftermarket efficiency, OEMs tap into automated planning processes to achieve pinnacle service supply chain performance – reducing asset downtime, asset repair time, parts ordering time, warranty claim process times, and buybacks.
  • For better decision making, accessing total network visibility of dealer stock, orders, and demand with contribution from control tower and dealer analytics capitalizing on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

ClearOps Innovation

ClearOps’ innovative technology easily connects original equipment manufacturers to their downstream supply chain and installed equipment – acting as a data integration hub while also providing a suite of service optimization solutions to help provide next-generation after-sales service.

The connection and service optimization solutions provided by ClearOps enables continuous critical dealer system communication and greatly enhances dealer performance, reduces asset downtime, drives accurate inventory management, and ultimately increases brand loyalty, and sales.

ClearOps’ technology and solutions are built on a foundation of 25 years of supply chain expertise from Barkawi Management Consultants. With a deep supply chain knowledge and technology expertise, ClearOps delivers the fastest time to value in the market. Leveraging pre-built interfaces to hundreds of dealer applications accelerates the time to value measured in weeks and months instead of months and years. 


“Service networks of manufacturing companies often suffer from a lack of visibility and proper integration resulting in supply chain inefficiencies,” said Barkawi. “We are delivering high-value technology to solve these challenges.”

Speaking about the partnership, Mike Landry, Founder, Servigistics, and advisor to and investor in ClearOps, stated, “Servigistics is an obvious choice for a partnership to fortify the ClearOps offering with market-leading service parts optimization capabilities. The combined offering adds tremendous value for dealers and OEMs alike.”

ClearOps clients including, Terex, BOMAG Fayat Group, AGCO, Royal Reesink, Jungheinrich, and others, have seen powerful results from ClearOps data integration hub and optimization solutions.

Servigistics Leadership

PTC’s Servigistics solution is the undisputed industry leader with more than 35 years of innovation and leadership. Servigistics is changing how service parts planning is done by combining the industry's broadest and deepest service parts management capabilities with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge algorithms, creating a self-correcting optimization engine that delivers next-level results.

Servigistics’ Multi-Echelon Optimization capability stands alone capable of simultaneously optimizing all parts, all locations, for the entire planning horizon. Decades of research and development closely aligned with academic research, client thought leaders, and experienced partners have produced numerous industry-exclusive innovations with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms.


Dr. Vipul Agrawal, Vice President of Product Management, and author of Winning in the Aftermarket, said, “Servigistics’ advanced capabilities deliver high-value results for OEMs and when paired with ClearOps’ innovative data integration hub create new and exciting opportunities for OEMs and dealers to optimize service performance and delight customers."

Blending ClearOps and Servigistics technologies improve the ability of OEM dealerships to deliver exceptional service experiences.

Servigistics delivers maximum value

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