3 Use Cases for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: How Elekta Improves Radiation Machine Uptime
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4/21/2022 Read Time : 3 min

In the medical device service field, key performance indicators (KPIs) directly affect patient outcomes—which makes device performance and uptime more critical than ever. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) enables predictive analytics in healthcare, helping medical device manufacturers resolve issues before they result in downtime. When devices are up and running, patient outcomes are more consistent and reliable.

Medical device manufacturer Elekta saw these results firsthand through ThingWorx, which provides the real-time data and insights it needs to improve radiation machine uptime. As discussed in a webinar with PTC, the ability to leverage predictive analytics in healthcare has helped Elekta enhance the customer experience and fulfill its goal to be a “lifetime companion” to patients and clinicians. 

Benefits of Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

As a leader in radiation medicine, Elekta always prioritized patient outcomes. But without a way to leverage data from complex devices around the world for predictive maintenance, Elekta saw an opportunity to improve device uptime, service operations, and the overall customer experience.

As Elekta’s Executive Vice President, Head of Global Services, Paul Bergström used his past experience with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to illuminate the company’s need for an IoMT solution. With predictive analytics in healthcare, Bergström knew Elekta could harness the data it needed to improve predictive maintenance, increase radiation machine uptime, and ensure a consistent and reliable experience for its customers. Ultimately, partnering with PTC provided the IoMT expertise Elekta needed to kickstart its predictive maintenance journey. From there, Elekta leveraged the flexibility of ThingWorx to develop a custom solution that would help further strengthen its customer relationships.

Top 3 Use Cases for Predictive Analytics

1. Improving Patient Outcomes 

Before Elekta implemented IoMT, its customers had limited visibility into device performance, maintenance, and support. Now, real-time device data from ThingWorx powers Elekta’s IntelliMax solution, allowing the service team to warn customers of device failure two weeks in advance and improve patient outcomes. 

2. Predicting Patient Utilization Patterns

With IntelliMax installed on Elekta devices, its customers get proactive alerts about device performance, predictive maintenance, and remote support—all while maintaining patient privacy. 

3. Improving Patient Satisfaction

As a result of predictive analytics in healthcare, Elekta improves customer and patient satisfaction by:

  • Guaranteeing up to 98% device uptime for customers subscribing to the Elekta Care Service Agreement
  • Reducing clinical downtime by eight hours per issue detected 
  • Avoiding technician dispatches when issues arise, providing safer service and support through the pandemic

Predictive Analytics Applications in Healthcare

Elekta joined PTC in a webinar to discuss its predictive maintenance journey with ThingWorx. In the on-demand webinar replay, you’ll hear from Bergström and Chris MacDonald, PTC’s Head of AI and Analytics. Together, Bergström and MacDonald discuss how Elekta leverages predictive analytics in healthcare to transform both its service strategy and customer relationships by:

  • Measuring KPIs in customer value to achieve a 60% remote assist rate
  • Providing safer service and support during the pandemic for a consistent customer experience and reliable patient outcomes
  • Creating a digital thread that empowers teams across the organization with critical device data
  • Considering how IoMT creates opportunities for new business models in the future

Check out a short teaser below and watch the full webinar replay here.


Realize Value for Your Service Team—and Your Customers—with IoMT

Through its partnership with PTC, Elekta has created a predictive maintenance strategy that drives tangible outcomes in quality of service, device uptime, remote support, and more. Is your organization ready to kickstart its own IoMT journey? Hear the highlights of Elekta’s predictive maintenance story from Bergström and MacDonald in the interactive infographic: Elekta Delivers More Reliable Cancer Care with IoMT Insights

Improving Medical Device Uptime with Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Hear from PTC customer Elekta on how IoMT has optimized its predictive maintenance strategy. Explore the Infographic
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