PTC Launches Onshape Vision for Apple Vision Pro

Written by: Steve Dertien

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Today, we’re pleased to announce the availability of the Onshape Vision app for Apple Vision Pro.

Onshape Vision transforms the way product designers view, interact with, and collaborate on 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models. Leveraging the spatial computing capabilities of Apple Vision Pro, Onshape Vision enables product developers to manipulate digital designs projected onto physical space using natural modes of interaction, such as hand gestures, eye movements, or voice commands. Onshape Vision syncs with Onshape’s cloud-native CAD and product data management (PDM) system, enabling any changes to the product model to show up in Onshape Vision in real time. Onshape Vision is now available for download on the App Store for Apple Vision Pro.

Onshape Vision offers a whole new dimension to product development by bringing 3D digital designs into our physical reality in a way that feels very natural. For example, designers can hold their digital products, expand or shrink them to any scale needed, or disassemble and inspect individual components or parts. Reviewing designs with Onshape Vision can help generate new ideas, encourage different perspectives, and identify potential improvements for your products.

Design reviews feel more natural with Onshape Vision on Apple Vision Pro than the traditional video conferencing experience. Colleagues from different locations using Apple Vision Pro will feel like they’re in the same space as they visualize, interact with, and move around the same product design. Onshape’s unique cloud-native architecture uses a single source of data, so any comments typed in Onshape Vision can be seen in Onshape across all platforms, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Likewise, any changes to the CAD model are seen immediately in Onshape Vision.

Steve Ghee, PTC’s Augmented and Virtual Reality Chief Technology Officer, had this to say about Onshape Vision as the app hits the market: “It’s been amazing to see this concept move from the earliest stages to today’s Onshape Vision app. I’ve spent most of my career working on ways to bring 3D, digital content into the real world, and this is one of those rare moments that makes us say, ‘Wow, we’ve really done it.’ I’m so impressed by how real the digital content looks with Apple Vision Pro. Designers will be able to experience their products in a totally new way, and we can’t wait to see how this informs the future of the design, review, and collaboration experience.”

Onshape is the most widely used cloud-native product development platform that combines professional-grade CAD with built-in PDM, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), simulation, rendering, and more. Professional users can try Onshape for free for six months by signing up for the Onshape Discovery Program. We look forward to seeing how Onshape users experience Onshape Vision and Apple Vision Pro.

In addition to Onshape Vision, PTC is developing other spatial computing experiences for Apple Vision Pro, including applications based on our Vuforia and Creo product portfolios. After all, PTC’s focus on 3D product data is a natural fit for the spatial computing experiences made possible by Apple Vision Pro. For example, visualizing product designs or receiving digital step-by-step instructions – informed by tools like CAD, product lifecycle management (PLM), and augmented reality – holds real potential for our customers and can unlock new value for areas like product development, workforce training, and product service.

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