PTC Delivers Cloud-Native Simulation in Onshape

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PTC today announced the availability of cloud-native simulation as part of its Onshape® product development platform. Onshape Simulation enables designers and engineers to perform finite element analysis (FEA) in a fast and simple way and to make informed design decisions with structural analysis throughout the product development process. Onshape is the only computer-aided design (CAD) and product data management (PDM) tool to offer simulation that is interwoven with the core design and assembly environment, which helps reduce the time, effort, and workflows required to set up and calculate structural analysis.

“This is the first time that CAD, PDM, and simulation have all been unified in one cloud-native environment,” said Greg Brown, Vice President of Onshape Product Management. “This is an extremely efficient way for designers to simulate full assemblies, helping them make important time, material, and quality decisions earlier in the design process.”

Features and benefits of Onshape Simulation include:

  • Accurate mechanical guidance, such as strength and rigidity, without ever leaving the design environment. The CAD model and the simulation model are the same definition, which dramatically simplifies the assembly set up for simulation.
  • Elimination of the need to defeature, simplify, or set up connections for models before running simulations through use of existing assembly mates in the definition of the part-to-part interactions.
  • Ability to explore design variations quickly by simultaneously designing and analyzing assemblies with no pre-processing or meshing required. Simulation results are automatically refreshed when changes are made to Onshape models.
  • Simulations are version-controlled with built-in PDM – including simulations for all design variations – and can be shared instantly with other users for simple collaboration and decision making.
  • Cloud computing allows simulations to be conducted fast and interactively, with no need for specialized local hardware.
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