Motorsport Simulation Pioneer Dynisma Accelerates Product Development with Onshape and Arena

Written by: Alexis Scheinman

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Improved Onshape-Arena Connection tool connects CAD, PDM, and PLM for better engineering and operational efficiency

Dynisma, a pioneer in automotive and motorsport simulation, has rapidly become a global leader in its industry since its inception in 2017. Headquartered in Bristol, England, this innovative company specializes in crafting bespoke dynamic Driver-in-the-Loop simulators. This cutting-edge experience provides an accurate vehicle model platform along with visual cues, meaning that drivers simulate real racing situations while testing out different tracks and conditions. However, Dynisma’s simulators are not exclusively reserved for the motorsport arena. Some of the world’s largest car makers are now keen to use their simulators to test drive concept cars before they enter main production.

Designing and engineering their simulators is incredibly complex and requires seamless, in real time, cross-collaboration among designers, engineers, and operations teams. To achieve this, Dynisma relies on Onshape CAD & PDM and Arena PLM to streamline their product development process. 

"Dynisma is not following a typical innovation curve - they are redefining it at a new pace," said Darren Henry, VP of Operations, PTC Onshape. "By harnessing cloud-native tools like Onshape and Arena, they've streamlined the journey from design to manufacturing, ensuring unmatched velocity in delivering the ultimate motorsport experience."


PTC’s cutting-edge Onshape-Arena Connection provides an effortless, online, and cloud-native connections between CAD, PDM, and PLM systems, ushering in a new era of collaborative efficiency and streamlined workflows for customers like Dynisma.

“We are at a very exciting stage in our growth, and we need to scale-up quickly, safe in the knowledge that our design and PLM solutions can come with us on the journey,” said Ash Warne, founder of Dynisma. “Working with PTC gives us 100% confidence that we have the best partner and can scale with their solutions.” 

With the latest enhancements to the Connection, users can say goodbye to the complexities of managing releases, revisions, and change processes and effectively manage every critical stage of product development.

“Collaboration is vital in what we do. Our designers and engineers need to be able to run through different ideas and tweaks in real time,” explained Matt Bell, Head of Mechanical Engineering at Dynisma. “Being in the cloud means we can access our product information anywhere in the world with an extremely efficient way of logging any changes. Everyone is always working on the right design at the right time.”

The Connection is a major step towards a future where creativity, collaboration and realization thrive together, propelling industries to new heights of success.

“We are energized by the work Dynisma is accomplishing in the automotive and motorsport arena,” said Greg Brown. “It’s fantastic watching the F1 races and knowing that, in some small part, PTC is helping the majority of drivers to stay safe and achieve breathtaking times.”

Discover the power of the Onshape-Arena Connection and see how you can also embrace a future where design knows no limits. 


Onshape-Arena Connection

Accelerate product development with an effortless, online and cloud-native connection between CAD, PDM, and PLM. Click Here
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