Customer Outcomes with Smart Connected Products

Written By: Anthony Moffa
  • 2/1/2022
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For suppliers of capital systems or machinery, the benefits of connecting expensive equipment to the Internet of Things is clear. By collecting real-time performance data, smart connected products unlock an impressive range of value – offering new functionality, greater reliability, and enhanced insights—all of which drive improved outcomes.

Recently we’ve shared three customer stories highlighting how the PTC solution set enhances an organization’s ability to see, decide, and act. There are several trends we have seen come together this year: first, our customers are driving revenue and margin improvements by creating and realizing new product insights and service offerings; second, we are benefiting from the increasing influence and reach of our partner ecosystem; and third, we see more and more customers leveraging multiple PTC solutions and achieving our joint vision for digital transformation.

IMA Group improved customer OEE by up to 16%

For example, in the packaging industry, the IMA Group had a clear vision to expand their service offerings to help customers improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). As longtime users of PTC’s Creo and Windchill solutions, it was a natural extension for IMA Group to select ThingWorx for their IIoT platform and ThingWorx Kepware Server for connectivity, both of which are hosted on the PTC Cloud. Using ThingWorx, IMA built a customer-facing application that delivers data-driven insights and revolutionized their own service offerings—creating new revenue streams for IMA and improving customer OEE by up to 16 percent.

Sunbelt Rentals gave more than 4,000 service technicians powerful insights

In the fleet management industry, Sunbelt Rentals leveraged ThingWorx to aggregate all of their data onto a single platform and make it available through the Sunbelt Rentals Telematics Portal. Sunbelt Rentals chose to use ThingWorx on the PTC Cloud, simplifying solution administration. The PTC Cloud allows Sunbelt Rentals to reduce administrative burdens and hardware costs—enabling them to speed time to value and focus resources on high-value business opportunities. Because Sunbelt Rentals can connect more assets and grow storage requirements as necessary, ThingWorx in the PTC Cloud provides a seamless path to scale. This is also a good story of the power of the PTC ecosystem, as Sunbelt partnered with KPMG to find the right technology for their business requirements. KPMG’s deep experience with successful IoT implementations allowed Sunbelt Rentals to provide more than 4,000 service technicians with the right telematics data at the right time.

BID Group provided accurate instructions while reducing travel costs

In the forestry industry, BID Group’s smart connected milling machines are helping their own sawmill customers maximize their earnings. In both case study and video format (see below), BID shares their story of OPER8™, an SCP solution built on ThingWorx that provides real-time insights to optimize fiber recovery and productivity while boosting sales. Using the knowledge gained from their own experience with OPER8™, BID was able to go to market with a package of solution options designed to digitally transform customers’ operations and help them connect brownfield sawmill equipment – dramatically accelerating time to value. Extending further into the PTC product set, the BID Group uses Vuforia Chalk to enhance their aftermarket services, one of the most important aspects of business that continually drives revenue and margin. With Chalk, they are able to provide accurate and precise instruction to customers using AR in real-time, wherever and whenever needed, all while reducing travel costs.


It is very rewarding to see our executive vision for digital transformation come to life in customer outcomes. You can read and view all of our fantastic stories and testimonials here.

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