AWE 2019 Transports Attendees to the Next Dimension

Written By: Kristen Sundberg
  • 5/31/2019
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For the last week in May, more than 7,000 innovators, developers, creators, enthusiasts, and tech start-ups all gathered in Silicon Valley, the hub for the world's largest high-tech corporations, for Augmented World Expo (AWE) – the most essential AR and VR conference of the year.

The agenda included over 250 speakers and breakout sessions focused on the enterprise, gaming and entertainment, and startups.

Let's take a look at some of the key takeaways from this incredible event.

Spatial Is Special

“Are you ready to enter the next dimension?” asked Ori Inbar, Founder of Super Ventures and AWE, as he kicked off the 10th anniversary celebration with a historical view of spatial technology.

Stating that “spatial is special”, he described how interactions with this unique breed of technology free us of the shackles of a 2D interface – and with the right creators and language in place, the future of the internet can move off screens, and into the real world.

What does this look like for the enterprise? Data gathered through spatial computing allows companies to digitize traditionally inaccessible workflows and workplace information. By capturing 3D environmental data and integrating it with business systems, other technologies like digital twin and artificial intelligence can unlock transformative new possibilities. From enabling new KPIs, to optimizing processes, spatial computing accelerates the digital transformation happening across the enterprise.


Framework for Enterprise AR

Jim Heppelmann, President & CEO, PTC, introduced AWE 2019 to a groundbreaking enterprise AR framework for developing an augmented reality strategy suggesting that AR advances not only the capability of workers, but also enables people to become smart and connected.

“AR is the answer: It is the IoT for people,” he said.

Heppelmann shared a number of real-world AR use cases including areas of product development, manufacturing, service and support, operations, training, and sales and marketing.

For more on Heppelmann’s keynote and AR strategy framework and keynote, read this post.

Tech Playground

The AWE Playground featured 20,000 square feet of highly immersive and jaw-dropping demos from over 250 exhibitors that are testing the limits of digital transformation and product development.

Holograms, digital eye wear, and virtual escapes disseminated across the Santa Clara Convention Center providing a true tech playground for creators, developers, and enthusiasts.

Among the demos was the opportunity to experience Vuforia product deep dives with PTC experts.


PTC demonstrated its futuristic form of AR knowledge transfer ushering in an emerging AR driver for increasing workforce productivity.

Vuforia Expert Capture is a way for front line workers to quickly and easily capture knowledge and play it back in augmented reality,” said JJ Lechleiter, VP Product Management at PTC, who gave a standing-room only presentation on how to unlock and accelerate value with augmented reality.

The main attraction featured a machine from PTC partner, Rockwell Automation. The factory equipment automatically sorts packaging, and locates failures setting them aside, ultimately improving assembly time.

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