Defensive Design: Is Your CAD System Up to the Task?

Written By: Cat McClintock
  • 2/11/2019
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PTC is committed to safe software
For product developers in any industry, a CAD system can make or break a project. Everybody needs tools that can create accurate models, pass easily to manufacturing, and hopefully prove cost effective. But some industries ask much more from their technologies.

For example, PTC’s Federal, Aerospace, and Defense (FA&D) customers demand our software solutions meet the highest security and reliability standards.

“The testing and certification of the IT systems and equipment prior to downrange deployment is a critical component of ensuring warfighter success,” reads the Defense Information Systems Agency website. “At DISA, the safety of our men and women in uniform is paramount, which is why we believe the battleground should not be the testing ground.” When users use noncompliant software on government networks, designers/engineers risk exposing sensitive data to software security vulnerabilities.

How does a technology fail to appear on an agency’s or department’s approved product list? “Maybe it’s not secure, maybe there have been reported incidents of a breech, or maybe the code simply isn’t stable enough,” says Anton Hoffman, PTC’s FA&D CAD Enterprise Account Rep.

Creo Parametric Is Fully Certified

The good news is that you can trust PTC’s Creo Parametric to remain fully certified. With users from NASA, Air Force, Army, Navy, Department of Energy, and many of their suppliers, PTC is committed to maintaining and exceeding the standards required for our FA&D customers.

“You might be surprised,” says Hoffman. “Don’t assume your software vendor appears on the approved supplier list.”

To learn more about PTC’s commitment to meeting the needs of vendors in the federal aerospace and defense industries, read more about our Aerospace and Defense Solutions or contact PTC.
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