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Written By: Leah Gourley
  • 5/27/2021
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One of the highlights of PTC’s first ever Vuforia Live event was pulling back the curtain to share the latest offering in PTC’s Vuforia AR portfolio, Vuforia Instruct.

Complementing Vuforia’s current augmented work instruction offering, Vuforia Expert Capture, Vuforia Instruct is an out-of-the-box, augmented reality (AR) solution optimized for the creation of work instructions for inspection procedures. This SaaS-based offering addresses the many challenges of producing quality products and increasing customer satisfaction by empowering employees to execute better inspections.

Vuforia Instruct addresses common inspection challenges to make inspections more accurate and seamless. These improvements result in measurable quality, efficiency, and cost improvements.

The “Four Cs” That Can Thwart Inspection

Many companies still use manual data collection systems and paper-based instructions for inspections—even physically storing forms in file cabinets. Everything about these forms, from entry to storage, is subject to human error. This can compromise product quality and may wind up being extremely costly. And a poor-quality product can damage your brand reputation, reduce overall customer satisfaction, and decrease revenue.

It can be hard to get traditional inspection right, but very easy to get it wrong. Specifically, there are four major pain points that industrial organizations face when carrying out inspection.

  • Context can be difficult to understand when relying on checklists and 2D drawings, resulting in ambiguity around the task being carried out.
  • Comparison between the paper instructions and the physical product results in the technician constantly looking back-and-forth, creating distraction and the potential for human error.
  • Communication between the inspector and engineer can be slow without the appropriate tools and may delay the engineering team’s response to identified defects on the shop floor.
  • Confirmation is necessary to accurately communicate the status of the inspection. Without confirmation, it can be difficult for the inspector to offer engineering feedback that is timely—and actionable.

Improve Inspections Using Vuforia Instruct

Vuforia Instruct makes it easy to author, publish, deliver, and update 3D-based work instructions. It scales engineering expertise to the frontline and makes end-of-line inspections far more visual, intuitive, and accurate. Instruct accelerates the creation of augmented work instructions and removes the communication barriers created by 2D solution using these three critical components: Vuforia Editor, Vuforia Vantage, and Vuforia Insights.

Vuforia Editor

Vuforia Editor enables subject matter experts to import 3D CAD data and use Point of Interest Markers to highlight specific areas indicating precisely where the user’s attention should be drawn. They can then create instruction steps, and enhance the steps with additional text, images, and video content. All created procedures (including process updates) can be pushed to supported devices: phones, tablets, web-based playback, and digital eyewear.

Vuforia Vantage

The Vuforia Vantage app facilitates the playback and execution of augmented work instructions, offering frontline workers multiple ways to access and consume the information that’s most relevant to them. It also extends greater visibility into procedure execution and conditions on the frontline. By enabling technicians to log the issues they see while conducting inspections, Vuforia Vantage filters critical information back to engineering and product management teams upstream to improve product designs.

Vuforia Insights

Frontline managers and key stakeholders can drill into activity data collected on the shop floor and in the field using Vuforia Insights, allowing them to improve processes, products, and ensure traceability to task completion—creating an essential audit trail.

Beyond activity data, the contextual information and notes about defects identified during inspection is also passed back into Insights, enabling closed-loop reporting on common issues. Vuforia Insights includes integrated reporting and analytics that equip organizations with the information to make smarter, faster decisions, as well reduce safety incidents and improve compliance by ensuring procedures are followed correctly.

Market Leaders are Transforming Their Inspection Processes with AR

Vuforia Instruct simplifies the creation of augmented work instructions and improves the accuracy and speed of inspection. These benefits apply to in-line or end-of-line inspection, dealership or pre-delivery inspection, field maintenance inspection, as well as the training and upskilling required to perform inspections correctly.

These benefits are why industry leaders Harpak-ULMA Packaging is putting Vuforia Instruct into practice in their organization. Alexander Ouellet, Innovation Engineer at Harpak-ULMA Packaging, shared at Vuforia Live how inspection plays an important role in the day-to-day activities for ensuring quality and compliance.

Final Thoughts

With Vuforia Instruct, you can leave quality issues—and your paper forms—in the past while extending your investments in 3D CAD to bring the digital thread all the way through to the frontlines. By empowering your employees with the right information and level of detail to do their jobs more quickly and accurately, you’ll drive business value across the enterprise.

Learn more about the Vuforia AR suite and how industrial enterprises are boosting workforce efficiency and safety and driving measurable results in the factory and field.

Improve product quality with AR-enhanced inspection

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