Introducing Codebeamer 2.1: Here's What's New and Noteworthy

Written by: Hanna Taller

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We’re happy to announce the release of Codebeamer’s new version: Codebeamer 2.1! Read on to find out what's new. 

Codebeamer 2.1 provides significant improvements to Templates, MATLAB Simulink Integration, and ReqIF, and has improved scalability and performance. Codebeamer 2.1 also introduces the Japanese language option. 


In this newest version of Codebeamer the Templates received two significant updates.  

Deploy Template Trackers 

Deploy Template Trackers allow users to deploy a master template to update all projects on-demand. This ensures consistency across projects, preserves the flexibility of projects, and improves overall efficiency and quality. Two stage-deployment guarantees that project configurations and production are not impacted by immature project and/or template changes. 

Programmatic Tracker inclusion and configuration 

This is a Configuration - API to update the Tracker Field configuration and Tracker location in the Tracker Tree. This feature helps to streamline and accelerate project initiation. With this update, administrators will be able to manage required tracker configurations through an API. 


Codebeamer 2.1 has improved merge filtering and performance. This latest update introduces three types of merge options: filtered merge, incremental merge, and bulk-merge. This brings the benefit of streamlined and efficient merging processes, which are particularly advantageous for Working Sets that have been highly modified.  


Import into existing Working Sets 

The ability to import into existing Working Sets enhances consistency and alignment in requirements collaboration, it enables unified evaluation and management across diverse sources. This allows for easier collaboration in Requirements when specifications are segregated in release or product-specific Working Sets. 

Import as a non-admin user

Following the release of Codebeamer 2.0 where the export as non-admin was introduced, In Codebeamer 2.1 project admin privileges are not required to import a ReqIF file. This allows administrators to have a controlled environment, limiting administration rights to only those who need it. To facilitate this behavior, use the permissions – Item Export & Data Administration for Import. 


Codebeamer 2.1 introduces an API that enables optional pre-processing for imported and post-processing for exported files. Microsoft Word and Excel files must be unlocked before import and locked after export by the user to apply digital rights management, Codebeamer 2.1 provides users with secure collaboration complying with security standards defined by IT. This update supports Word (simple/round trip), Excel (simple/round trip), MS Project, and CSV file in Microsoft Excel Style (import only). This feature is intended to be used for DRM encryption and decryption. 

MATLAB Simulink Integration 

Codebeamer 2.1 comes with a plugin, which enables bi-directional linking of Codebeamer with Models and Test in MATLAB Simulink and publishing of test results to Codebeamer. This improves quality and reduces the cost of ISO 26262 and ASPICE compliance. 

This integration solves the disconnect between digital thread data in Codebeamer and MATLAB Simulink. This provides traceability for the engineering design process, impact analysis, and regulatory compliance. 

OSLC Capabilities

Codebeamer 2.1 introduces OSLC Link from additional tracker types. 

Users can now create & view OSLC Links from the following Codebeamer item types: 

  • Risk 
  • Epic 
  • User Story 
  • Component 

This feature extends the previous list, which includes Requirements, Change Request, Issue, Task, Bug, and Test Case. 

Improved scalability and performance 

Performance improvements 

  • Baseline comparison 
  • Mass Suspect 
  • Loading Reviews 
  • Test Coverage 
  • Report Selector 
  • Improved DB Performance with PostgreSQL 15 

In-house performance tests 

  • Scalability up to 4000 concurrent users tested on 110K item dataset 
  • 99% of responses were faster than 653ms 
  • The scalability of Codebeamer improved by more than 50 % compared to Codebeamer 2.0 

Codebeamer 2.1 is here

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