Introducing Codebeamer 2.0: What’s New and Noteworthy
Written By: Hanna Taller
7/5/2023 Read Time : 2 min

We’re happy to announce the release of Codebeamer’s new version: Codebeamer 2.0! Read on to find out what is new!

Codebeamer 2.0 provides significant improvements for enterprise deployment and Working Sets (Project Branches). Templates (Project Configurations) can be developed offline and then deployed without human interaction, reducing the number of errors and improving project start-up speed. This release also improves quality, reporting, OSLC Digital Thread integration, and license management.  

Improved template management  

In Codebeamer 2.0, the on-demand inheritance will let you develop template trackers offline and use deployment to update them on demand. This will enable you to manage your templates in a controlled manner. Now Templates can be developed on a separate staging server and then deployed “on demand” to the configuration server to create multiple project configurations, which are deployed into production.  

Extended OSLC linking  

With Codebeamer 22.10 SP3, customers could use OSLC to trace from Windchill PLM Parts and/or PTC Modeler model items to the Codebeamer Requirements they satisfy. This was a significant advancement; however, customers could only connect from Parts to Requirements in Windchill PLM. Codebeamer 2.0 gives you the option to trace from any significant Codebeamer item type (e.g., Test, Risk, etc.) to Parts in Windchill PLM, Model items in PTC Modeler, and items (e.g., Requirements) within Windchill RV&S. With this new release you will be able to link from Codebeamer Risks and Tests to the PLM Parts and MBSE designs they apply to. This helps you comply with industry regulations and also implements a product lifecycle flow down from Requirements through design and implementation to test for not only the software but the whole product and the systems level abstraction.  

Reduce administration efforts with FlexLM  

Codebeamer 2.0 uses FlexLM (from Flexera Software to manage license entitlement). FlexLM is a proven license generation and deployment solution widely used in the software tools industry. FlexLM is also the standard for the majority of PTC products. This capability also implements the new simplified Codebeamer products (Codebeamer, Codebeamer – advanced, Codebeamer – premium, and Codebeamer – collaboration)  

With Codebeamer 2.0 customers can now take advantage of the advanced FlexLM license management capabilities. You can have shared license servers, multiple Codebeamer servers, and more. PTC customers can also standardize on FLexLX, reusing knowledge and skills.  

Working-Set Enhancements  

The ability to copy configurations enables you to easily apply configuration changes to multiple Working-Sets. This reduces the potential for human error and dramatically increases productivity. 

The reliability of creating Working-Sets has been improved significantly. The robust Working-Set Creation ensures that Working-Sets are created even if the source dataset contains inconsistencies and optimizes memory consumption.

Scalability and performance  

Codebeamer 2.0 significantly improves performance. Users using the features will notice a significant improvement in performance, increasing productivity and team morale.  

With the improved scalability and performance, you can now use Codebeamer for projects with up to 1,000 trackers and 100,000 items. Filtering for trackers has been provided to ensure good usability with a huge number of trackers in a project.  

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