ThingWorx Operator Advisor

Unify IT and OT systems to improve operator efficiency

Empower Your Operators With a Single View of Task Information and Real-time Machine, Sensor, and Smart Tool Data

ThingWorx Operator Advisor (OA) helps manufacturers increase workforce productivity and operational efficiency by delivering unified IT-OT data to operators. On a single screen, OA provides work order, work instruction, machine, and smart tool data. By connecting to various siloed manufacturing systems, including ERP, MES, PLM, and CMMS, and capturing machine data from HMIs and PLCs, Operator Advisor is able to provide in-context, accurate information and data unlike any other solution.

Operator Advisor Software
Equip operators with the information they need to identify and complete tasks, all in a single interface.

OA monitors labor productivity in real-time and, with connectivity to machines and smart tools, it ensures precise execution and validated product quality – all while capturing data for compliance and better visibility. OA also integrates work orders, work instructions, bills of material, and connected tools to deliver your data through digital, 3D, or Augmented Reality.

Customer Success: Vestas

ThingWorx Operator Advisor has transformed the way we deliver information to our employees on the shop floor. We’ve gone from providing text-based instructions via paper manuals, to delivering work instructions with the 3D CAD files from PLM. The information is now delivered in context, letting employees focus on the task at hand, rather than digging around the various IT and OT systems for the right information. - Mark Jaxion, Senior Strategy Specialist Lead of IoT and Industry 4.0, Vestas

Optimization across the board

  • Increase productivity by 5-8%
  • Improve yield, reduce scrap and rework costs by 15-25%
  • Reduction in warranty costs due to defects by 10-20%
  • Improve asset utilization / ROA by 3-5%

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Wrap and extend existing systems

Operator Advisor is built on the ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform with seamless connection to Kepware® and other OPC servers – without disrupting operations or impacting production.