ThingWorx Controls Advisor

Remotely monitor and troubleshoot machine connectivity

The longer your machines are disconnected, the more critical data loss can occur. Controls Advisor provides a proactive approach to quickly identify and respond to connectivity issues. Through a single application, it allows controls engineers to actively monitor the status of their machines through OPC servers, providing instant notification when connectivity is lost. Tools like trending, alarms, and diagnostics give you the full picture so you can easily and remotely troubleshoot the issue to get back up and running quickly. With Controls Advisor, you’ll know about connectivity issues before the operations team.

See the state of all OPC Server installs in a single webpage. Dive deeper into device connectivity, trending real-time data from PLCs.

Improve visibility into manufacturing data and connectivity

  • Customizable text and email alerts when a device or tag stops communicating
  • PLC tag trending for root cause analysis in minutes
  • Connect to and remotely visualize data from virtually any PLC in the factory

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Wrap and extend existing systems

Controls Advisor is built on the ThingWorx industrial IoT platform with seamless connection to Kepware® and other OPC servers – it can be installed on your existing hardware in 60 minutes, without disruption operations or impacting production.