Outgrown Your Current PDM Solution?

Manage, Share, And Review Data With Ease

Is your company grappling with these types of Product Data Management challenges?

  • With more than 100,000+ models and drawings to manage, you´ve hit the limits with your PDM solution.
  • A more advanced change and configuration management has become a must.
  • Managing data across multiple teams and sites is a struggle.

Many leading companies have solved these challenges and more by embracing our PLM and PDM solutions.

Explore a PDM/PLM solution built to handle process complexity. Extend your existing PDM to tame the complexity of working in multi-CAD environments. Choose a deployment option that best suits your needs – on-premise, cloud, or SaaS. In particular, our cloud-based Windchill solutions help teams of every size in every industry manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle, from concept through service and retirement.

Here is a sampling of PTC customers that integrate our PLM solution with SolidWorks to better manage their product data:

  • Longi Magnet, the leading Asian supplier of magnetic equipment, reduces time-to-market through improvements in change management and data search.
  • Hagler Systems, dredging and mining equipment maker, establishes a single company source for engineering data and introduces new product development, change, and configuration management processes.
  • Moldwell, maker of injection molding machines, tracks version history, establishes an electronic approval process, and protects IP.
  • Sulzer Pumps, a global manufacturer of pumps, establishes a PLM foundation able to manage multiple CAD tools and improves IP protection.
  • Changsha EPOCH, a supplier of numerical control machine equipment, reduces IT costs by 20%, part numbers by 25%, and time to find design data by 70%.

Expanding Beyond Your Outgrown PDM System

Industry experts Tech-Clarity wrote this Buyer’s Guide to help you select the best solution to solve current PDM challenges. The guide walks you through the 10 common signs that your system is not meeting company needs. 

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