Explore What’s Possible for Whirlpool Corporation With Digital Transformation

Lifecycle and Process Management and Configurability Demo

In this video, learn how to manage configurability of Model-Based Systems Engineering, bill of materials, and CAD data with BOM Management; how Options & Variants provide a platform structure for strategic design, management, and validation of product variants; and how to keep downstream teams aligned with BOM Transformation.

Digital Traceability and Systems Engineering Demo

In this video, learn more about how Systems Engineering can unify and align stakeholders across engineering domains. You’ll also discover how to use Digital Traceability to create a digital thread from requirements specifications to systems modeling and bill of materials.

Data-Driven Design Demo

Learn how Whirlpool Corporation could leverage data from smart, connected products to make better engineering decisions with Data Driven Design.

Augmented Reality Demo

See for yourself how Augmented Reality (AR) could be used to visualize product development data in a real-world test lab setting.