PLM Demonstrations with Polaris

See demonstrations of the product lifecycle management technologies Polaris is exploring to help drive its digital transformation.

Digital Thread Demo

Manage and orchestrate a digital thread of data across the enterprise leveraging BOM management, configuration management, BOM transformation, change management, manufacturing process management, and AR design share.

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BOM Management and Global Platforms Demo

Manage and link CAD data, bill of materials, and visualization for a modular EBOM structure and generate Options & Variants for design verification and visualization

Family Management Demo

Plan product families and manage options, choices, and assignments in multi-year product structures.

Change Management Demo

Manage the change of a new option from EBOM to MBOM through process plans and work instructions

Augmented Reality Demo

View first-hand variant-specific AR design review and visualization, as well as process plan visualization

BOM Transformation Demo

Associatively transform the BOM from engineering to manufacturing with options and logic.

Manufacturing Process Planning Demo

Concurrently develop mixed-model assembly process plans.

Role-Based Access Demo

Access digital product information depending on your role in the organization

BOM Costing Application Demo

Make a custom mashup of variant-specific cost tracking and roll-up.

Interference Detection Demo

Create variant-specific validations with DMU/interference analysis.