Smooth Sailing at CNB

CNB Transforms its BOM Approach for Customized Yachts

Customers ordering high-end yachts aren’t looking for a cookie cutter watercraft. They want a boat that reflects their personality. CNB, a premier builder of custom yachts, excels at meeting their customers’ demands. And they do it on time and on budget.

Explore the benefits CNB sees in their transformed BOM

Manufacturing several unique yachts in parallel is a challenge. CNB updated their processes to make these projects easier to design, track, and service. Their key requirements were:

  • Full digital design of manufacturing processes and plans
  • Combined engineering, manufacturing, quality, and service data
  • Connected KPI’s and benchmarking for improving practices

Learn how CNB partnered with PTC to address these requirements. Their first step: establishing a digital connection between their engineering and manufacturing BOMs. CNB established a single source of truth for product data accessible by everyone, tailored to their disciplines.

What are the benefits?

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