PLM Case Studies by Industry

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Industrial equipment manufacturers


Industrial manufacturing companies develop, manufacture, and service some of the most complex and long-lasting products on earth: bringing unprecedented value to their customers by accelerating product development and managing a wealth of product data in PTC PLM. See industrial manufacturing customer stories below.


KHS Reduces Cost with Models

KHS uses PTC Creo and the 3D models on their powerwall system – a 3D IMAX

Flowserve Accelerates Innovation with PLM

Fundamentally changing the way new product ideas are developed

Weatherford Manages Product Data

Design anywhere, build anywhere is an ambitious goal for any global manufacturer – including Weatherford

Rosenbauer’s Approach to Product Variants

Producing 250-350 vehicles on approximately 80 platforms, it’s critical for Rosenbauer to leverage product platforms

Great Plain Manufacturing Updates Harvesting

Explore how PLM facilitates concurrent engineering and greater productivity to help this company lead in product innovation

SPP Pumps Succeeds in Oil & Gas

Explore how virtual prototypes and intercontinental collaboration advanced SPP’s design of critical pumps

Medical device manufacturers


Top medical device companies around the world rely on PTC PLM to deliver a single source of truth for the product development data and processes that are essential to delivering dependable, high-quality, safe and compliant solutions to support patients and their families. Below, you’ll find stories about the medical device support we provide, straight from PTC PLM customers.


CVRx Manages Risk with Windchill

Using Windchill, CVRx is more productive while compressing development cycles, mitigating risk & streamlining reporting

Novo Nordisk Manages Critical Data

With Windchill, Novo Nordisk keeps abreast of product requirements and manages change and compliance more efficiently

Stryker Improves Requirements Traceability

Stryker Endoscopy uses Windchill to keep product development traceable and retrievable

Sysmex Uses AR

Sysmex drives improved operational efficiencies for field staff and customers

Boston Scientific: Automating Lifecycle Processes

Panel discussion. "The main driver was one global platform that would enable our product lifecycle process cradle to grave….” - Tina Kunshier, Program Manager

Automotive and transportation


Automotive companies around the world are faced with a number of industry-specific challenges expertly met by PTC PLM: sophisticated supply chains, the highest in quality and safety standards, and increasingly innovative design solutions.


GKN: Intelligent Drive Systems

GKN Driveline reveals how the evolution of the market created a massive change for GKN to lead in intelligent drive systems.

KTM “Ready to Race” with PTC

KTM’s, a leading manufacturer of motorsports vehicles, mission is to produce motorcycles with exacting standards of excellence.

StreetScooter: It’s Electromobility

Through the crowdsourced design of 30 collaborating automotive suppliers was delivered in record time to the market.

Polaris Innovates

Polaris strives to give a great end-to-end experience for its riders, from customized purchase options to enhanced safety features. To achieve this vision, Polaris adopted a step-by-step approach to digital transformation through PTC solutions.

Aerospace and defense


PTC PLM solutions for aerospace and defense companies recognize and serve the breadth, depth, detail, and rigorous quality and compliance requirements of this unique industry. PTC PLM is recognized as the leading provider to aerospace and defense companies.


BAE’s roadmap to Value With PLM

Driving adoption of PLM early in the process allowed BAE to do more with less, while maintaining quality.

EADS PLM Harmonization Program

Windchill-Based Modular Platform PHENIX CHANGE provides harmonization, flexibility and efficiency within the enterprise.

Lockheed Accelerates the Orion

To develop the unmanned Orion spacecraft, Lockheed Martin is relying on designing and developing in the digital domain to accelerate innovation.

Consumer goods manufacturers


More than any other industry, the Consumer Goods industry is calendar driven. At the same time, you must maintain or increase quality, that hard-to-define ‘It’ factor, which keeps your customers loyal in the face of cheaper, generic competitors.


Whirlpool Creates Value

Explore how the company creates customer value through a single source of truth for every product, part and resource throughout the organization.

BRITAX Creates LifeSaving Designs

As manufacturers of strollers, infant carriers, and car seats, BRITAX protects children all over the world.