Accurate clearance and creepage for improved safety and product design

Electrical product safety is as essential as ever for your employees—especially now that more products have mechatronic elements incorporated into their designs. Industries like aerospace and defense, automotive, and high tech and electronics face growing challenges protecting their workforce and systems from the risk of shock.

This is where measurement of clearance and creepage distance is crucial to ensure every certification requirement—including UL, IEC, and CSA—is met. Creepage is the shortest distance between two conducting points along the surface of an insultating material, while clearance is the shortest distance in the air between two conducting parts.

Don’t limit electromechanical safety analysis to traditional methods. See how the Creo Clearance and Creepage extension can help you ensure product safety and optimize your electromechanical detailed design process.

It pays to investigate creepage and clearance

Conductive parts need to be a safe distance from one another, otherwise an arcing failurea powerful discharge of electricity that creates heatmay occur. Even the smallest electromechanical design mistakes can create circuit damage, overheating, and even fires—not to mention recalls, warranty claims, or injures.

With Creo Clearance and Creepage extension, you can do it all: automate the analysis directly on the digital model, get visual feedback, clearly identify product safety issues, and easily investigate violations in the results window.

  • Improve design quality by helping to optimize designs for electrical product safety
  • Save time and reduce prototype costs
  • Reduce production rework and scrap
  • Reduce product recalls and chance of damage to corporate reputation

Creo Clearance and Creepage usage with DEX and Windchill

Learn how to use the Creo Clearance and Creepage extension with a combination of Windchill PLM software and the Design Exploration (DEX) extension to improve design quality and optimize your designs for electrical product safety.