Ergonomics/Human Factors

Avoid design errors

Ergonomics, often called human factors, looks at how humans interact with physical systems and strives to optimize the performance of both.

It’s common sense for manufacturers to test their products with a representative sampling of potential users. it should be. Otherwise, a customer will discover she can’t reach her car radio easily and a technician concludes that he would need to be double-jointed to carry out a recommended service procedure. If you wait until the physical prototyping stage, design errors such as these are more expensive to fix and harder to find, putting both profitability and your brand at risk. 

You need "people". With Creo Parametric, you can insert a manikin (representative model of a human being) into your 3D product model and get an early start on preventing ergonomic mismatches and reducing prototyping costs.

When you require additional capabilities, Creo Parametric has them. Customize your manikins using Creo Human Factors Analysis Extension, and "see" what would be inside each manikin’s field of reach or vision. Creo Human Factors Analysis Extension, an add-on to Creo Human Factor Extension, allows you to evaluate users’ comfort while carrying out the repetitive motions of lifting, lowering, pushing, or pulling.

Together, these applications make it easier, faster, and cheaper to integrate economic considerations into your design process.

The Creo Human Factors Analysis Extension data sheet

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