Design Optimization

Simulation software for developing optimal designs

Unless you are excessively devoted to budget-sapping trial and error testing, it makes sense to optimize your design before you reach the prototype stage. You save time, money, and many awkward meetings. Not to mention getting to market faster at lower cost with a product that functions as intended for customers.

Wouldn’t it be great if your CAD software automatically determined the best design within the parameters you gave it? Without taking days to do it? Your wish is granted with Creo Behavioral Modeling (BMX), an extension to Creo Parametric. Say goodbye to hours lost making incremental changes to your design and the unsettling feeling that you never arrived at an optimal result.


Behavioral Modeling Extension

With Creo BMX, you can optimize parameters to meet a goal. The process is straightforward: plug in parameters, ranges (if parts of your design are flexible), and design goals. PTC Creo BMX will iterate to find feasible solutions you can accept, reject, or use as the basis for experimentation. Why not test different scenarios? You also can easily bring in calculated results from PTC Mathcad or third-party software to drive the design directly, without the tedium and risk of manually transferring data. As your design evolves, Creo BMX builds on the results of these earlier analyses, creating an intelligent design.

With Creo BMX, you’ve got an optimized design with a fraction of the effort, time, and money you would have spent otherwise.

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