• PTC Atlas

Atlas: PTC’s Foundational SaaS Technology

Atlas is the single, common platform powering PTC's SaaS future. Drive real-time collaboration across business functions with cloud-based applications of PTC technology that enable your teams to be more agile, innovate together, and scale faster.

What Is Atlas?

PTC Atlas is the technical home of PTC’s SaaS future.

Faster innovation. Easier collaboration. More agile workflows. Scalable solutions. Fewer headaches.

Atlas supports the needs of modern work: flexible collaboration between colleagues, faster innovation for your products or processes, and secure and scalable digital transformation solutions, all at a lower cost of ownership.

This is a glimpse into what Atlas represents for our customers as the technical home of PTC’s SaaS future – a single, common platform enabling a consistent and improved user experience across our portfolio.

Unlock the Benefits of SaaS with our Atlas Platform

As our products begin to leverage Atlas, the transition for customers will be nearly seamless, but the benefits will be impactful.

PTC’s SaaS Strategy

PTC has made significant progress on the execution of our SaaS strategy in recent years. First with the acquisition of Onshape and its Atlas foundation, then with Arena. Over the past year, the efforts are picking up speed, with the migration of products like Vuforia, as well as with the acceleration of both Windchill, Creo, and ThingWorx onto the Atlas platform. At the same time, we are investing in the development of more SaaS features that all our products will benefit from with the objective to deliver a consistently great experience to our customers across our portfolio of technologies.

Atlas plays a critical role in PTC’s SaaS future as the shared foundation underpinning our product portfolio. In the coming years, PTC’s technologies will be made available via SaaS in a nearly seamless transition to you. Along the way, you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits of SaaS through real-time collaboration, incremental product and feature deployments, and a lower cost of ownership.

As we transition our portfolio into SaaS solutions, we’re still making investments into our on-premises offerings. Our existing on-premises customers will continue to have the choice about their solutions’ delivery.

PTC Products on Atlas

We’re already integrating the power and benefits of Atlas into our digital transformation portfolio – with more of our technology solutions on their way to being offered as SaaS.

See Atlas in Action

Ready to see the Atlas difference? These videos offer a look into how Atlas will impact the ways customers use Creo, Windchill, ThingWorx, Vuforia, Onshape, and Arena.