The PTC Product Idea Submission Process


Click on the Product for which you wish to submit an enhancement in the PTC Community sidebar to submit, vote or comment on a Product Idea.


Starting in November 2018 we are expanding the management of Product Ideas to the IoT Segment within the ThingWorx Product Family, next to other PTC Products already operating with this mechanism. This means that our IoT Product Management Team will also be present in the IoT Ideas Community to view/communicate regarding requests for Enhancements.

Product Idea Submission Process

PTC wants to hear what you have to say because your ideas are important to us. You can create, vote and comment on “Product Ideas” in PTC Community. Here, you can share your Product Ideas publicly and vote for other Product Ideas that you think will be valuable. Rally your fellow PTC Community members to vote and push your Product Ideas to the top. On a regular basis, PTC will review the top Product Ideas in each Product Area and will provide feedback.

Basic Guidelines

We’re glad you want to share your ideas with us.  We ask that you follow the guidelines presented in the PTC Community Terms of Service for positive and constructive community dialogue.  Content that is found to be irrelevant may be removed completely or to other sections of the PTC Community

Fine Print

We welcome all thoughtful and innovative ideas.  We will balance all idea submissions with PTC’s strategic initiatives to see if the idea is a good fit for the PTC Product Roadmap.  It is possible that your idea may not be selected, but we encourage you to continue submitting ideas and vote for the ideas from other community members as well.  We’ll be sure to provide feedback and status on all top ideas with the most community attention.  Please note if your idea is implemented--We own it.  You’ll be compensated with the fact you thought of it first 😊
Also, if you are a PTC Employee or currently working on specific enhancements with the Product Management team (i.e. PTC Working Group) please check with your leader or group administrator before posting any content that may be sensitive or considered confidential.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the PTC Product Ideas Submission Process system?

Any person who has an active PTC maintenance contract will be able to add their own Product Ideas, vote or comment on existing Product Ideas within PTC Community.
If you need to upgrade your account to be on active maintenance, go here

Where are Product Ideas for new functionality submitted?

Once you enter PTC Community, click on Menu (upper left-hand corner) and locate the product that pertains to your idea. Under that product you will find an “Ideas” section where you can add, view, comment and vote on Product Ideas.

Can Product Ideas be submitted in any language other than English?

PTC Community only supports information in English at this time. Additional languages may be considered in the future.