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What's New in eSupport

PTC Customer Home and eSupport Release Notes - Archive


  • Portal
  • Completed the rebranding of Integrity products to Windchill RV&S (formerly Integrity Lifecycle Manager);
  • Performed full investigation of “loss of email subscriptions” issue;
  • Addressed an error that prevented On-Demand System Scan from handling non-UTF-8 compressed archives ;
  • Introduced a new page on On-Demand System Scan to show customers the available detections, improving transparency and value of the service;
  • Improved visibility of software downloads on the eSupport Portal by updating the design of the download icon;
  • Case Logger/Viewer/Tracker
  • Protected domain ranking, external discoverability and look and feel of articles in Google hits by adjusting and unifying article mark-up; 
  • Update Advisor for Windchill and Creo, ensuring information vitality;


  • Article Viewer
  • Extended capabilities of the Article Viewer widget to enable customers to export articles to PDF;


  • Portal
    • Renamed and migrated Servigistic InService product to PTC Arbortext Content Delivery
    • Extended capabilities for On-Demand Systems Scan to include Windchill Diagnostic Utility, enabling early detection and improving proactive customer support     
    • Added a new filtering option enabling customers manage their Articles subscriptions and prevent from sending unwanted emails
  • Case Logger/Viewer/Tracker
    • Added direct links to Proactive Support Components (ODS, Recommendation Tracker, Recommendation Gateway) to improve navigation between Proactive pages
    • Revised case logger message to accommodate recent update to correlate SCN with request type, enhancing clarity to customers
    • Completed rename of ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity to ThingWorx Kepware Server and assisted Product Management with new release communication
    • Implemented an entitlement check mechanism to inform customers when opening a case related to a 3rd party software that is not supported.


  • Case Logger/Viewer/Tracker
    • Enhanced customer experience when opening a case with Cloud Services by improving wording clarity
    • Correlated SCN with request type in the Case Logger to ensure appropriate qualification of Cloud Incidents and Services Requests
    • Case Closure Reason displayed for cases which are set to auto-close, increasing our transparency to customers
    • Provided a fix to prevent corruption of Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters on PTCU cases
    • Enabled customers to label their On Demand Scans for later reference
  • Article Viewer
    • Protected readability and external discoverability of articles by fixing image scaling and text wrapping issues in the Responsive Viewer. 


  • Portal
    • Built a page to provide official information on PTC’s Shared Responsibility model.
  • Article Viewer
    • Added a note to Machine Translated articles to mitigate translation issues and encourage customers to share feedback.
    • Protected PTC’s SEO ranking by rectifying scroll and overlay issues on the Responsive Article Viewer.
    • Article viewer handles now new release nomenclature for all products.
  • Proactive Digital Experience
    • Addressed a cosmetic bug with the Title in the Recommendation Viewer, to improve readability.



  • Portal
    • Completed phase 1 of the Integrity > Windchill rebranding, with Integrity Asset Library, Process Check and Process Director now renamed into Windchill products
    • Made a product name change for the SKD product line: from "SERVIGISTICS KNOWLEDGE AND DIAGNOSTICS" to "SERVICE KNOWLEDGE AND DIAGNOSTICS" and the abbreviation from SKM to SKD
    • Added type-ahead for product selection in the Reference Documents page, to align with the Case Logger and reduce customer effort
    • Introduced capabilities to add customer messages at release level in the Software Downloads page
    • Fixed issue to ensure reference documents’ filenames are preserved when downloaded in Internet Explorer
  • Case Logger / Viewer / Tracker
    • Introduced mandatory selection of Issue Type in the Case Logger for Cloud customers to reduce incorrect selection by leaving as default value
    • Closed cases can now be found through the "Enter tracking number to track an existing case" entry under "My Active Request", at the same time, removed the tool tip as the button "->" is self explanatory.
    • Fixed the bug of issue description not being reflected with Partner Case Logger populated after the case is created.
  • Article Viewer
    • Fixed an issue of several articles having varying font sizes for a consistent user experience
  • Proactive Digital Experience
    • Fixed a bug on the Proactive Support Services FAQ page, where extraneous symbols were overlaying the text


  • Portal
    • With the rebrand of the Integrity products to Windchill, renamed integrity products into windchill to reflect this new naming convention
    • Evolved Portal banner to support multiple Product Families
    • Fixed the archived article issue for google indexing 
  • Case Logger / Viewer / Tracker
    • Deployed a series of changes to allow customers to create and manage Service Requests and Incidents in the Case Logger / Viewer / Tracker
    • Closed cases can now be found through Case Tracker.
    • Removed the tool tip as the button "->" is self explanatory.
    • Fixed a bug of text not wrapping correctly in Case Viewer
  • Article Viewer
    • Article Viewer "language issue" is fixed. Chinese customers are now able to open URLs of pure Chinese articles when their eSupport Portal language is set to English.
    • Deployed a series of style changes on Article Viewer to improve article readability and user experience.
    • Published disclaimer for articles created by machine translation
    • Corrected the issue of "applies to" field showing incorrect product date code with release version
  • Online Success Guide
    • Fixed the issue of no drop-down arrow button showing in IE for product selection



  • Portal
    • Updated our paradigm to allow Google to index our articles, this means better exposure of our articles and knowledge base to Google.
    • Fixed an article redirect issue of not connecting to the correct article after login
  • Case Logger / Viewer / Tracker
    • Added symbols ">" and "<" to go to next or previous article in Article Previewer in Dylan results
  • Article Viewer
    • Automate redirect for archived Articles, which prevents the displaying of a 404 error page
    • Redirect "Preview" articles to the new article viewer prior to log-in
    • Fixed the "Change language" issues in Article Viewer
  • eNews & Alerts
    • Updated email templates for Alerts and Notifications to align with Corporate Branding
    • Fixed the issue of subscription emails converting text to encoded characters
    • Fixed bug of error report while viewing an article from an "eNews & Alerts" email without first logging in
  •  Online Success Guide
    • Added the capability to store the industry event information in a calendar and display with customers
    • Fixed the issue of 3 scroll bars seen on Online Success Guide through Internet Explorer



  • Portal
    • Improved Article Viewer Rendering of formatted articles
    • Migrated PTC Help Centers landing page to Sitecore to cover Russian content
    • Revised alert notifications and email template to cover the new CCP process
    • Created new alert lead-in and template for Security Issues alerts.
    • Retired the page of https://support.ptc.com/appserver/cs/help/help.jsp
    • Created a link on Portal for Educational Material of "Subscribing to PTC eNews and Alerts"
    • Fixed bug affecting SPR Tracker showing correct results and causing err cache error
    • Fixed a bug of SPR Tracker showing the old Portal header
    • Fixed a "404 error" of links in Article Viewer "Related" section
  • Case Logger / Viewer / Tracker
    • For Dylan optimisation, post-filter results for the products of "Integrity Requirements Collector" or "Integrity Modeler" in the Case Logger
    • Dylan is now able to detect Korean language correctly
    • Show the sub-status for "On Hold- Awaiting Customer Validation" properly in the exported case detail Excel report.
  • Online Success Guide
    • Addressed navigation and structure of content issues in Online Success Guide
    • Display expert session properly on the Online Success Guide
    • Added language selection function in the header of Online Success Guide
  • Proactive Digital Experience
    • Enhanced the "Evidence" field in the Recommendation Viewer per-section collapsible



  • Portal
    • Added multi-column sorting ability in "Recommendation Tracker" and "Case Tracker" tables on the eSupport portal
    • Tied the new "Proactive Recommendations" into the eNews and Alerts notifications
    • Handled Salesforce ITAR to CUI terminology change in all Portal external applications
  • Case Logger / Viewer
    • Increased File Size Limit for case attachments to 500Mb in Case Logger and Case Viewer
    • Called a force-reassign on license management cases when customer reopens the case
    • Show active SCNs for a given product, where they exist, if a customer enters an expired one.
  • Online Success Guide
    • Corrected the time display error on a Webex session in the Online Success Guide



  • Portal
    • Reworked "Search on Number" error flow in Case and Recommendation Gateways. Users won't be taken to new page if the case number or recommendation number is not found.
  • Case Logger / Viewer
    • Fixed a "404 page not found error" in the Case Logger, when Dylan solves customer issue and customer clicks  "Issue solved".
    • Fixed an issue with Partner Case Logger when special characters appear in the case subject.
  • Online Success Guide
    • Provided the ability to rate the videos and also view the overall rating on the OSG Guide.
    • Replaced the plain banner images with more fresh and relevant banners to focus more on branding of the OSG guide.
    • Replaced the old header with new Customized Header to show relevant options to the user reading the guide.



  • Portal
    • Case logging navigation is enabled for basic account holders, who can now easily access free download and case logger entry.
    • To reflect recent Quality Management process updates, ISO9000 products have been renamed to "QMS" in case type.
    • Fixed an issue with Case Logger with user-friendly GUIDName. Customers are no longer seeing 30 character "UUID".
  • Online Success Guide
    • Left-hand navigation has been refined to allow for a more user-friendly experience
    • Online Success Guide(OSG) search box is now sending the text to federated search.
  • Proactive Digital Experience
    • Maintenance release to address several issues found in UAT and post go-live with Recommendation Viewer and Recommendation Tracker.



PTC has launched its new Proactive Support Services, a next generation technical support services that allow customers to view, prioritize, and head off risks with connected products before they become a problem. Even if you don't own a connected product, you'll still see knowledge recommendations, based on articles you recently viewed.

Check out the new features below:

  • Recommendation Gateway: A new, dynamically generated table at the foot of eSupport home, and the daily entry point to your most important recommendations.
  • Recommendation Tracker: The place to view, sort, filter and manage all your Proactive Recommendations.
  • Recommendation Viewer: View details of impact, occurrences, evidence of problem, action required and much more.
  • On-Demand System Scan: Upload configuration or log files and get near-realtime recommendations to optimize your systems.
  • Proactive Services FAQ and Asset Advisor: Find out which systems are connected, when they last sent data, and how to get the most from PTC's Proactive Services.
  • Case Management and CS Guide Updates
    • "Support Package" info is displayed accurately in the portal and Case Logger behavior has been updated.
    • Aligning with changes in US government regulations, ITAR now falls under a broader definition of data types called "Controlled Unclassified Information"( CUI ). Updates have been made to our tools and Customer Support Guide to reflect the terminology change.
  • Knowledge Management Updates
    • Addressed issue with the Viewer where Public English articles are not shown when there is a Japanese or Chinese draft.
  • Other Portal Updates
    • PTC Knowledge Articles for ThingWorx and Vuforia products have been made accessible via the Rockwell knowledgebase (PTC authentication required).
    • Customers can now view and pay invoices in the new invoicing portal, referenced in the eSupport top level navigation.
    • Russian and Portuguese are added to the legacy language chooser page, allowing customers to access Russian and Portuguese reference documents where available.



  • Portal
    • Portal banner display reworked, so that information of highest relevance and priority takes precedence, and customers can dismiss banners
    • Subscription Renewal Inquiry form is now available in all 8 supported languages
  • Case Logger / Viewer
    • PTCU Case Logger display issue for double-byte languages fixed



  • New Subscription Renewal Inquiry

Customers who select "Subscription Renewal Inquiry" in the eSupport Portal, or who follow the link from their renewal reminder emails, will see a new form with a host of new features to improve their experience when managing PTC subscriptions:

  • Expired subscriptions are shown in red for a further 30 days after expiry in case customers change their mind (we make it easy for them to come back)
  • A field with "Best number to reach you" is shown, for convenient follow-up
  • Customers can submit multiple inquiries at once, adding notes for each request
  • Colour coding is used to highlight expiring contracts
  • Contracts are shown in a paginated table, with ability to sort on expiration date or contract number
  • Portal
    • "My Active Requests" list reworked by adding case number and middle mouse button function to open cases or community threads in a new tab. At the same time, case statuses are aligned with actual case status
    • Feedback ribbon has been removed, reverting to the eSupport portal survey as main source of customer feedback
    • ThingWorx Studio, Experience Service and View were rebranded to Vuforia products and "Vuforia Chalk” was introduced to customers. All features and tools on the eSupport Portal reflect the new branding, and customer onboarding- and subscription preferences have been updated automatically      
  • Case Logger / Viewer
    • Based on feedback and analysis of customer usage of the case logger, the number of results shown by Dylan has been reduced to 30
  • Article Viewer
    • Article Viewer toolbar reworked by removing the link to "ThingWorx Community" and the "Revert to previous look" option



  • Portal
    • Obsolete “Welcome” tabs for some now fully integrated acquisitions cleaned up on eSupport login page
    • Application error page with contact options and latest branding introduced to allow for a more user-friendly experience during planned maintenance
    • Maintenance page updated to the latest PTC branding and header.
  • Proactive and Alerts
    • eNews and Alerts picks up alerts from the new web platform
    • Recommendations display removed from Cloud Services hosted customers
  • Case Logger / Viewer
    • KEPServerEX added to the ThingWorx model, so that Dylan is leveraged when a customer chooses this product
  • Article Viewer
    • Feedback widget updated to encourage more feedback; Customer votes on articles registered earlier
    • Product version information aligned with new "V.R.M.C." nomenclature in "Applies To" field
  • Update Advisor
    • Missing data added for latest releases of Creo, FlexPLM and Arbortext



  • Proactive and Alerts
    • Performance Advisor dashboards are enabled for InService and SPO customers.
    • Cloud Services recommendations are hidden from hosted customers on Recommendation Viewer.



  • Portal
    • Error messages reworked across all eSupport applications to avoid dead ends and provide options to customers
  • Case Logger / Viewer
    • Infrastructure updated to enable file uploads on Kepware cases
  • Reference Documents / Help Centers
    • Servigistics Connected Service Parts Management 8.2 related documents are now visible on the Ref docs site
    • With ThingWorx 8.2 release, related Ref docs and Help Centers setting is updated



  • New eSupport Portal Introduced
    •  Experience fully redesigned to offer simplified access to all key tools and resources
    •  Personalized Alerts and Carousel content, based on user roles and product interests
    •  Alerts redesigned, to be more prominent, with appropriate colour coding, based on severity
      • New "Alert History" page introduced
    •  "My Active Requests" table added, to include both ongoing Cases and Community Threads
    •  Top level navigation reworked to be more intuitive / user friendly
    •  Reference Documents search or browse introduced, and new design for Reference Document page
    • Portal educational materials and informational videos reworked and published



  • Primary Article displayed in Case Viewer  
  • "Maintenance" message mitigated during daily authentication refresh
  • "Likes" count in Search Results aligned with "Votes" in Article Viewer
  • Copy updated to reflect new tools and services:
    • Product Ideas page reflects new submission process in new Community
    • ThingWorx Extensions point to the Marketplace
    • Servigistics licensing tools information updated
    • Cosmetic changes to Web Account creation page



  • Case Logger Improvements
    • Attachments can be uploaded during initial case logging process
    • Expired SCNs are removed from cache
    • VAR customers with Cloud SCNs can open cases directly with PTC
    • "eSupport Portal" removed from the list of available products - customers supported via eSupport Help Community Group
  • Analytics Improvements
    • Web Survey Customer Effort Score resonse and scoring logic updated
    • Improved tracking of Case Logeer sessions



  • Duplication of start and end release removed from the "Applies To" field of articles
  • Links and top level navigation updated to point to new Help Center langing page
  • Update advisor updated to display per-release fixes
  • Case logger improved
    • Case attachment handling improved: upload of files with special characters prevented
    • Datecode populated automatically when connected Creo UUID entered
    • Brackets ( ) handled in case description
  • ThingWorx License Management added to LM tools page (applies to release 8.0 and higher)
  • "Getting Started with ThingWorx Studio" Url updated



  • Capabilities added to Case Logger to allow selection of a connected system
    • Applies to Creo and Windchill products
  • User Experience for Proactive Zone, Proactive Widget, Recommendations List and Recommendation Viewer improved
    • Loading progress indicator added to widget
    • Text simplified and pending recommendations shown in widget
    • Recommendation details added to Recommendations List and Recommendation Viewer
    • Completed Recommendations hidden by default; check-box added to display
  • Proactive Notifications only sent for "Tracking" recommendations
  • Recommendations flagged as "Reviewed", once viewed online
  • Release information corrected for Creo and Integrity products to remove product name duplication in article "Applies To" fields



  • Improved proactive zone functionality with a more user-friendly display
    •  “Dismiss” button appears once 100% reached for all products on proactive widget.
    • Proactive widget disappears after “Dismiss” button is clicked and reappears once any product has completion status of less than 100%.
  • APIs have been created to allow customers to share read access to their Performance Advisor data with others.
  • Updated Training and Education section of "ThingWorx & Axeda" eSupport tab
  • "Vuforia Customers" tab and "Kepware Customers" tab are added under the support.ptc.com log-in page, and related  “Support Integration" pages are added accordingly under each tab.



  • Filtering function added to initial page of Case Logger for all Mathcad and Creo Elements/DIRECT product
  • "Copy URL" action added to the Document Actions portlet in the Article Viewer
  • Article Viewer page no longer reloads when sharing by email
  • "Document not Found" page replaced with new 404 page which guides users back to eSupport Portal Home; error tracking introduced for future Portal improvement
  • Number of remaining characters now displayed for case comments
  • Case open/closed status is no longer changed when tracking number or CEP is added
  • Latest versions of Arbortext, FlexPLM, and  Connected Field Service products added to the Help Centers page



  • Proactive Zone
    • Widget added to eSupport portal pages displaying customers' connected status (applies to customers with connected products, or products eligible to become connected)
    • Proactive zone features "to do" list to become proactive
    • Link to current Recommendations



  • Recommendations
    • Customers can interact with recommendations in the Recommendation Viewer and a Recommedation Details Page
      • Newly-added drop-down triggers Recommendation state change.
    • Customers can receive Recommendations for Windchill cache sizing through subscriptions.
  •  “Vuforia Studio” is now rebranded to "ThingWorx Studio" on the Portal.
  • More refined experience with subscribing to bulletins, with a more accurate and complete list of product families.
  • Data specific SPR-linked articles are not visible for unrelated customers and removed from subscription emails.
  • Subscription tool to Article Viewer no longer displays a “not found” error for Chinese and Japanese articles.
  • We Improved case opening experience for Cloud customers by adding an option to bypass CLIKA for incidents.
  • Help Center related changes on:
    • InService 6.3
    • Integrity 11.0
    • IsoDraw 7.3



  • New Case Logger
    • We're simplifying the case opening process.  While opening cases online, customers will see a list of high-confidence solutions, generated by our new “machine learning” technology.
    • Translations of customer issues will be handled on the fly for all major European languages.
    • In case customers have connected products and a pending Recommendation tied to an article in the list, it will also be highlighted.
  • “Knowledge network online” phase 2 is complete. We are now recommending articles to customers based on what other customers liked. Customers can read those  affinity articles in “Others also liked..” section.
  • New “Customer Success Management” page is live.
  • Fixed an issue with Article Viewer to  display “Applies To” field content properly, when start release and end release are the same.
  • Fixed the Article Created Date issue in Subscription tool, now is more accurate about which article is new or updated.



  • Case Viewer is updated to support new TTR (Time to Resolution) fields. It’s now possible for customers to interact with TS engineers in the “Workaround” and “Solution” portlet. Email notification will be sent to engineers for workaround response from customers.
  • “Contact Support” landing page has improved display with neat layout and clear description. This makes it easier for customer to find the right way to contact us (community, case logger, license management, academics). Academic Case Logger link is added to the page, which makes it more convenient for academic users to open cases.
  • For “Product Documentation” and “Help Center” files, we now allow anonymous access and downloads to the latest versions on the new Help Center page.
  • Articles associated with Pending Recommendation as well as Proactive Investigation are highlighted with a “Proactive Support Information” banner.
  • A “Recommendation Viewer” is designed to display customer All Pending recommendations list.



  • Customers can now read "Related" content (e.g. reference documents, help center pages, community threads, articles etc..) on the Article Viewer.
  • The Subscription tool has a "Proactive Support" tab which allows Creo Performance Advisor users to subscribe to these notifications.
  • Article Viewer and Subscription tool will not display "N/A" release, if Start or End release is set as "N/A" in Article Classification.
  • The Help Center page has been updated with the latest content and links.
  • The Product Documentation Portlet has been updated on the eSupport Portal for the Creo and Arbortext product tabs.



  • New ThingWorx Developer eSupport Portal is available.
  • It is now possible for engineers and customers to share articles by email from the Article Viewer.
  • The Bulletin Subscription page now explains why customers are receiving bulletins for ALL products if they have not selected specific products.
  • We improved the performance of “Advanced Search” in Case Tracker.



  • PTC Learning Exchange content is added to the Knowledge Base.
    • This adds nearly 4,000 videos to the knowledge base across all product lines.
    • Learning Exchange videos are available under “everything” tab.
    • A new “Educational Video” value has been added to the “Document Type” filters.
  • A link to the “ThingWorx Community” has been added to the “Contact Support” section.
  • Content within “Welcome to eSupport” portlet has been refreshed to help onboarding new users.
  • Field “Customer Tracking Number“ has been added to Case Tracker.
  • A bug showing wrong article creation date has been fixed in the article viewer.
  • Improved the usability of the preference management for “PTC eNews and Alerts”.



  • New design for "Article Feedback Widget"
    • Simpler question, lower effort for customers.
    • 2 designs, compatible with both desktop and mobile, improving article visibility
  • Automated Search within Case Logger is under maintenance and currently removed from Portal UI.



  • PTC Help Center content added to the Knowledge Base
    • This adds 450,000 documents to the knowledge base across all product lines (CAD, PLM, ALM, SLM, IoT)
    • Help center content is available under “everything” and “documentation” tab
    • A new “Help Center” value has been added to the “document Type” filters
    • Known limitations
      • Only English, Chinese and Japanese Help centers are indexed
      • Creo 3.0, ISODraw and Creo View & Creo Illustrate 3.1 are not indexed yet and will be addressed later during FY16.



  • ThingWorx Developper Zone community content added to the Knowledge Base
  • ThingWorx Academic community content added to the Knowledge Base
  • PTCUser Community blog comments added to the Knowledge Base



  • New layout for the "article section" of the PTC eNews and Alerts (added column with impacted releases)
  • PTC Subscription Tool renamed as PTC eNews and Alerts


For Customer Home and eSupport Release Notes from the last 12 months, please refer to What's New in eSupport.