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Manage and monitor software
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Subscribing to PTC eNews & Alerts

Subscribing to PTC eNews and Alerts

To receive the latest information about your interests at PTC, which may include updates on your support recommendations, Technical Support articles and cases, alerts about products, or PTC newsletters such as PTC Express and our Support Advisor, you can set up your selections and delivery preferences at PTC eNews & Alerts in our eSupport Portal.Manage Your PTC eNews and Alerts

You can access the Technical Support Subscriptions tool through the eSupport Portal navigation bar, under “Tools” Panel by clicking on “Manage Notifications”.

Manage Notifications


You can subscribe to (and unsubscribe from) the following PTC technical and product information:

  • Proactive Support
    Receive regular updates on Support Recommendations and Proactive Investigations.
  • Articles
    Receive notifications when your specified Article, typically found in our Knowledge Base and authored by PTC technical experts, is modified or updated.
  • Product Information
    Receive notifications when PTC Software updates and reference documents for all PTC products are immediately available for downloading
  • Cases
    Receive status updates on your and your company’s technical support cases
  • Bulletins
    Receive – and opt out of - all immediate alerts about product, eSupport Portal or related-system maintenance periods.
  • Newsletters
    Receive period product information newsletters, such as PTC Express, and our customer-only quarterly Support Advisor delivered to your inbox.

Delivery Preferences

Once you subscribe to PTC eNews & Alerts, you receive an email from PTC that displays the updated status of your particular content as well as links to view it.
Delivery Preferences

To change your email address or the language in which you receive your PTC eNews & Alerts, select the "gear" icon to be taken to your account settings page, where you can update your email and language preference.