Article - CS255800

Creo Parametric & Workgroup Manager: Is it possible to enable Chrome plug-ins, settings or flags in the embedded Chromium browser

Modified: 27-Jun-2022   

Applies To

  • Creo Parametric 3.0 to 8.0
  • Windchill PDMLink 10.2 to 12.1
  • PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager
  • Chromium embedded browser


  • Attempting to access extensions via chrome://extensions, chrome://settings or chrome://flags URL in the embedded browser redirects to chrome://version and does not allow to access the configuration 
  • The Chromium embedded browser does not reuse Standalone Chrome browser plugins already installed
  • Support for Chrome plug-in, settings or flags inside the Creo & WGM Embedded Browser
  • Is it possible to install extension (i.e; Windows 10 Accounts extension) in Windchill Workgroup Manager Chromium Browser
  • Is there a way to permanently control the font size in the Chromium Embedded Browser
  • Setup Chromium embedded browser to open pdf with Acrobat Reader by default
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